When you don’t have a Plan B

I was going to start this post by saying, I couldn’t believe I was standing in a multi-million dollar home about to endure my third interview, but that’s not entirely true.

I could believe it.

From the moment I first saw the ad for the position on Craigslist, I knew this was going to be my job. I just needed to convince the impeccably dressed, statuesque woman shaking my hand, of that.

The woman standing before me was distinguished. She must have been six feet tall with perfect posture and a grace and ease about her movements that belied her 70+ years.

She immediately put me at ease, as if it were her job to make sure I was comfortable. I felt myself relax into the overstuffed linen sofa overlooking the bay as we chatted comfortably.

After an hour of exchange, she asked if we had a chance to see the cottage we would be living in on her property in Napa. Luckily, Judd and I had an opportunity to check the place out the day before.

Once hearing back that I would be interviewed by the principal, we got the address of the property and went to go see it for ourselves. Driving past the horses and up the small hill to the estate, we saw a cute little cottage surrounded by tall trees.

As caretaker, the house was part of the compensation package, and they wanted to be sure whomever they chose for the position liked it. I fell in love the minute I stepped through the front door.

It was sunny and bright with sliding glass doors to a big private patio and deck overlooking a tree-covered hill. And out the back door was the pool for the property. Past the large manicured lawn and down some steps was a full size, lighted private tennis court.

My plan was to move to Napa
The private deck with a beautiful view of the hills
Made me miss my horses.

What was there not to love!

I said, yes we had seen the place and that I thought it was lovely and would fit our needs perfectly. When she asked if there was anything I would like them to change or add, I knew I was the candidate she wanted.

Judd was back to being his charming self, and I could tell she enjoyed chatting with him as well. We said our goodbyes after another hour, and Judd and I headed for Bend.

And I didn’t hear back from them for ten days.

Ten long excruciating days went by and I started to wonder what I had done wrong. I went over and over the interviews in my head each day and second-guessed each of my answers.

What didn’t they like? Was I not smart enough? Too old? Maybe she wanted someone who wasn’t newly married? What was the issue?

As I said earlier, I knew that job was mine, so I couldn’t grasp why I may have been wrong.

The weird thing is, I even pictured the cottage before I saw it. When I walked into that little place, I knew it would be my home.

After driving myself to the brink of insanity, I finally got the call I had been waiting for. He said it was a very tough decision and the competition was fierce, but… they offered me the position, pending background checks on both Judd and I.

I will never forget that call.

Looking back, ten days was not a long time to wait to hear back about a position like this one. I was just worried that if I didn’t get that job, I had no back up plan whatsoever.

Fortunately plan A worked out and on April 10th we drove our car and a U-Haul truck filled with our belongings to Napa, California, and our new home.

Our cute place in Napa
Out on the deck

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    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Thank you….This was 2009, it’s a part of “my story”.

      Thank you for sharing!! (btw, where are you sharing it? I’d love to check it out)

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