What we focus on, we get

A few years ago, I started a second Facebook account to focus on my business and help keep business and personal separate.  I used that account to ‘friend’ close to 1,000 women, to join groups and ‘like’ all of the pages I was asked to like.

I kept that account open on my laptop and used my phone for my personal, private account. So each day, I would be looking at two different Facebook accounts plus my Facebook Page.

And then the pandemic hit.

I stopped writing for the most part and turned my focus to the news and what was happening day by day.

I pride myself as someone who gets news from the source, if at all possible, and closely read everything the CDC and WHO were putting out.

And then the daily press conferences started and even though I honestly cannot stand to listen to our president speak; I forced myself to listen so I would get first hand account of what was said.

Each day looked the same with hours spent reading, listening, commenting and I got more and more frustrated and even depressed by it all.

For many of us, our world has changed drastically from what it was before social distancing was even a term or hashtag. Now our world has been reduced to what is on our screens. Or so it may seem.

A few weeks ago a good friend sent me a post about the Law of Attraction, and I read every word. I understand the law of attraction and how it works and have used it to create the life I wanted. After reading the post, I immediately thought about where my focus has been for the past months and knew I needed to change that.

My world is not reduced to just my screens.

I live in a beautiful home and can walk outside and put my feet in the sand and see the ocean. I am truly grateful for my loving husband, my children and grandchildren who call me every day, and all of my lovely friends.

It is time to remember all of those things and to think about what I want to bring to me, to my family, to my country and to the world. One of my followers commented on one of my posts saying how lucky I was to live at the beach and asked how I did it.

I said, “It was always my dream to live at the beach. I believe in manifestation and set out to make it happen.”

It’s time to make the rest of my dreams happen.

So I suspended the extra Facebook account, closed the John’s Hopkins tab on my laptop which showed the daily coronavirus numbers and I won’t be listening to the daily press conference anymore.

Instead, I will focus on what I want. I will stay in-tune with what is happening in the world and be prepared but I will also be focusing on what I want my future to look like instead of waiting for it to happen.  

What will that future look like? To be continued…

Reader Comments

  1. Mary Katherine

    Golly, so true! I have a family member I’m about to do an “intervention” with, because she is becoming eaten up with politics, her hatred of the current administration, and is letting social media fan those flames. I am going to try going “screen-free” for at least one day a week, and severely limiting all social media.

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Such a smart thing to do Mary. My husband and I do the same with “screen-free” once a week. I can’t tell you how much it helps!! Good luck with your family member…this is such a tough time right now and so many people are just plain fed up.

  2. shoegazingdiva

    This is great! I believe in the law of attraction too. It really makes a difference when we are mindful of what we focus our minds on. Thanks for the reminder. It’s also an interesting tool to use along with meditation, where you visualize the desired outcome while in a state of calm. I’d be interested to read your source if it’s available online.

    It’s also great that you took a step back from social media. I did this for several years and didn’t miss it at all. Now even though I’m back sporadically, it just doesn’t take up headspace. I understand that a lot of small business owners and content creators need it for their revenue stream though. I’ve done the same as you with the news – trying to stay informed but not consumed by it.

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Thank you! I love how you phrased it … “it just doesn’t take up headspace.” That is exactly how it should be. Informed not consumed. A few years back I completed the companion book to The Four Agreements. I had been practicing the law of attraction for years but doing the exercises in that book helped me clear out old beliefs and really move into a new place with it all.

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