What every you think, You’re right

My husband and I get to travel around a fair amount. He has a job on the road now, so every once in a while I tag along and we end up in interesting places, like Long Beach, California. Right now I’m on The Queen Mary writing this. It no longer sets sail, but resides dockside as a hotel.

Fun place to stay while in Long Beach

But we traveled a lot before he got this job. We seem to be lucky that we find ourselves on one adventure after another. Whether it’s just a motorcycle ride over the hills to the tiny city of Taft, or all the way to Ireland, we’ve had some fun adventures.

Pit stop in Taft, Ca                 Birr, Ireland 2013

Ever since I was little, I’ve wanted to travel. I saw myself sailing away to exotic islands or exploring castle ruins. But I used to silently complain that I would never get to do that. Those dreams took money. Growing up poor taught me that money doesn’t come easy, and I hung on to that thought all the way into adulthood.

And so, I never went anywhere exotic or far away. The best I could do was a road trip, which was more of a means to an end, than a vacation. And I kept telling myself I would never be able to afford to travel.

Hawaii was top on my wish list of dream vacations. I’ve said here before that I wanted to go there for my honeymoon after I was married at 21. But we went on a road trip to Canada instead. While Canada was stunning and truly spectacular, I didn’t appreciate my visit there, because I was sulking about my missed opportunity to go to Hawaii.

I used to be good at that. Fretting over missing out on some perceived excitement, and not enjoying right where I was.

And then along came a friend who saw that in me and gently pushed me into changing my mind. She was one of the lucky ones. She had everything she wanted and was having fun on adventures. But she was also happy just sitting with friends on her front porch.

She listened to me complain about being unlucky. A lot. I honestly don’t know how she put up with me. As a flight attendant she had access to some pretty cool perks. One of which was a buddy pass. Just as everything in my world was looking grim, she invited me to Hawaii and said it would only cost me the taxes for the ticket.

Hawaii trip


I didn’t realize it at the time, and I’ll admit it actually took me years to come to this conclusion, but that trip was the catalyst that changed my perception about “lucky”. I slowly, ever so slowly, started to think differently.

That was almost 20 years ago. I never said I was a quick study.

Today, I believe I’m lucky. Not only do I get to go on big trips and little trips, but I enjoy each and every one of them. Tonight, walking around the Queen Mary, we talked about our next adventure.

The Queen Mary is a wonderful place to stay

Now I have it in my head we will be going to Scotland. And you know what?

I’m right.

Cliffs of Moher

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