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Weekend – Veteran’s Day!

Growing up in the ’70’s I was very aware of war and the affect it had on our family. I was and still am extremely proud of my brothers for their service to our country. To us, we didn’t think about the politics of war, we just knew our brothers were in harm’s way. 

Thank you to my brothers for your service:

My brother fought in the Vietnam War

Floyd Sayers – Army

My brother served in the Navy during Vietnam war

Dennis Fast, US Navy

war veteran

Andy Sayers, Army

Vietnam Veteran

Joseph Sayers, Army

Vietnam Veteran

Joe looking so young, fighting a war

Vietnam Veteran

Steven Sayers, USMC

All of my brothers came home from that war, but I know so many people lost family. My deepest gratitude to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

My husband served in the US Air Force in the ’80’s. I know it helped shape him into the amazing man he is today. He went in as a shy kid who found himself in front of large crowds narrating ceremonies. He went from a guy who couldn’t speak in front of 3 people to one who spoke in front of 3,000.

He also made lifelong friends.

John worked the 1984 Inaugural ball

John Gavin, US Air Force (3rd down on Left)

My husband is a Veteran

John Gavin, US Air Force

Air Force Veteran

John working hard on duty Christmas Eve

Air Force Veteran

John Gavin, US Air Force


My husband had an amazing role model, and I wish I would have met his father. He immigrated from Ireland and served in the US Army.

John's father was an Army Veteran

Jerry Gavin, US Army Retired

Army Veteran

Jerry Gavin, US Army MP

This next generation of young men and women are stepping up to serve our country, and I couldn’t be prouder.

Coast Guard Veteran

Levi Stubblefield, US Coast Guard

And, last but not least…. I am so proud of you, my son. I know it’s not always easy, moving around, leaving your family behind, and working crazy hours, but I will speak for all of us in saying, we are proud and honored by your service to our country.


US Veteran

Coming home after a 10 month deployment



F-18 Fighter Pilot, US Navy

From Fighter Pilot to Test Pilot:

Test Pilot

Getting fitted for a different kind of suit


Someone likes his job


U2 Pilots

US Navy Active Duty


  1. Your family has quite the legacy of service. I can see why you are so proud.

  2. What a family of heroes. Salute!!

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