Weekend Up!

John grew up in Morgan Hill and spent much of his youth climbing El Toro  behind the family home.

He has pulled me up that hill a few times, but it’s been several years since we’ve been back up.

Until this morning…

Climbing up El Toro barefoot

yes, he is barefoot…

climbing El Toro

It took 30 minutes just to get the the part that was so steep I had to use the ropes to assist. El Toro ropes Climbing El Toro

 Climbing El Toro to catch the sunrise


Great place to catch the sunrise through the hot smokey sky.

Smokey sky over Morgan Hill High above Morgan Hill

Amazing views up there!

Morgan Hill and wildlife 

But I was happy to be heading down!

 El Toro climb whew…

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Stay cool

Reader Comments

  1. 1010parkplace

    My late husband and I owned a place in the Texas Hill Country with one of those “hills.” Going up was difficult, but coming down was frightening. Last year I was driving out that way and noticed someone had built a house on the top of that mountain. I got off the freeway and took the back roads and wouldn’t you know it? The owner was walking along the road with his dog. They’d come down in their “gator” to get the mail. When I told him my name and about the geological survey pins up top and where they were, he believed that I’d owned it and invited me up. Driving up was scarier than climbing, and coming down? OH MY STARS!!! What a great job he’d done with that house and the views were 360 for ever. Thanks for reminding me of that fun afternoon. Brenda

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