Weekend – Two wheeling

You know when you get something new and it becomes the favorite thing?

It get’s put at the top of the list and you almost forget the other things you love.

Every since we got our new bike, it has been the favorite new toy. And we have really enjoyed it!

two wheeling fun
running around the state on our new big bike

In January we pretty much spent every weekend on that bike. But this weekend we thought we’d dust off our other two wheelers and have some fun. 

This morning we jumped on our bicycles and went to our favorite French bakery for breakfast. Since it’s my “reward day” I enjoyed every bite of that croissant.

two wheeling to breakfast
Sitting outside, enjoying breakfast

After consuming too many calories, we did one of our favorite bike loops. There is a long, long hill that I always challenge myself to pedal up without stopping. It felt great this morning making it to the top.

Had a great ride around town
11 mile loop

We managed to get in 11 miles and at one point our max speed was 34.8 mph….that wasn’t going up the hill. Stopping to enjoy the views (and catch my breath) along the way, is a must.

Beach Boardwalk
two wheeling to Hendry's Beach
Hendry’s Beach

Now that we got some pedaling in on our two wheelers, we’re going to drag out the “scooters” and go for an afternoon ride too.

Our “scooters”

It’s fun to discover what was old is new again.

I hope you have a great weekend, and find some joy in the old!

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