Weekend – time to reconnect

Relationships can become a little too much “business” at times. You know what I mean? We end up discussing our schedules, bills and finance, and ‘hey did you pay the renewal for the tags on the bike?’.

And before long it starts to feel a bit more like a business partnership than an intimate relationship.

I’ve even forgot to actually look at John. Not only what he’s wearing but actually look him in the eye. He’s just sort of an extension of life.

I don’t mean that in the way that may sound. 

I just know for me, for us, if we don’t take the time to hold each other’s hand and have a conversation about something other than our “business” together, we can start to feel a little disconnected.

July was a busy month for me. I went to Oregon twice, went to visit my best friend twice, and had our granddaughters for almost two weeks. So naturally, there is a certain green-eyed man who I’ve spent very little alone time with.

This weekend is all about reconnecting.

We started Friday evening with a Jackson Browne concert that was uplifting and perfect. His music means so much to me and was instrumental in helping me through divorce, and several ups and downs of life.

Then today, Saturday, we hopped on the big bike and road north up the coast.

We ended up at Avila Beach and had lunch, just the two of us, without phones. Then we found a trail to Pirate’s Cove to hike. We had a great time, laughing and holding hands and enjoying the views.

Hiking around Pirate’s Cove

We decided to stay the night, and John’s down jumping in the pool to refresh before dinner together.

So I’ve got to run and get ready for dinner, because I need to go hold hands and look into those green eyes and reconnect with my best friend.

I hope you find time to reconnect with your person this weekend.

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  1. Hilda Smith

    So true Loretta. We need to do the same. What with the wedding (and his brother staying for three weeks) and minding our grandson which was a joy…we have had no time to even talk on our own.

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