Weekend – Spoil

We have our granddaughters for the weekend. We get to spoil have them because their mom and dad are busy, so we are on duty.

And on our way to pick them up, we decided to stop in Studio City and visit the Dr. Martens store. I need a new pair of riding boats, and Doc Martens are the best.

John’s riding boots are about ten years old and he still loves them, and wanted to get me a pair too. How could I say no?

I thought these were pretty cool. What do you think?

Do wear Doc Marten's when you ride?

I’m not sure I’m bold enough to wear those, but I did try on a fun pair of shoes while I was there.

Dr. Martens have more than just riding boots
A work of art

John found the ladies version of his boot and asked Chris, the store clerk, if he could bring me my size. They were a calf length hard leather lace up boot, with a zipper on the side and I still couldn’t get my bum foot in it.

I mentioned to Chris that I am unable bend my right foot because my big toe is fused and he quickly suggested I try the soft leather version of the same boot.

They fit perfectly.

I love riding in my new Dr. Martens

I didn’t get the pretty ribbon, but rather sensible motorcycle worthy laces. I feel so spoiled and I’m excited to try them out!

I’ll have to wait until our fun weekend with the girls is over though. We have beach, skateboards, parks, ice cream, pizza and so much more planned!

I hope you spoil yourself a little this weekend.

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