Weekend on…the road

I love a good road trip. Especially when shared.

I got a chance to do a ride along, with my oldest son, from Southern Oregon to home in Southern California. We stayed on the Rogue River, which was stunning, serene and just plain soul soothing.


Rogue River
Fishing the Rogue


View from the cabin



Heading South, we stopped at Castle Crags in Shasta. Easy hike up to the vista for spectacular views.


Vista hike to Castle Crags

The road brought many interesting finds…some with dollars on the ceiling.

and chance encounters with the locals…I imagined these two old friends sitting together each morning, having coffee. They shared with me that the local market had the best coffee. I smiled, knowing it also had the only coffee in town.

Copernicus snoozed between stops and was happy to just be with us.

I wonder what the rest of the trip home will bring…

Happy Saturday everyone 🙂

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