Weekend – For the Dads

Happy Father’s Day weekend!

I hope you get to spend it with your Dad. My father has long since passed and my boys have grown, so I won’t be celebrating much.

Happy Father's Day to all of the great Dad's out there
My Dad

My husband’s kids are grown and gone too, but we will do something fun just the same.

I was going to share a paper I wrote when I was in English Comp Class that I thought would be perfect for the weekend. It was titled “How to Ad” and I remember it being interesting and clever. The idea was to write about advertisers and how they appeal to our emotions.

I had the perfect ad from Peanut Butter Cheerios that I wrote about called “How to Dad”.

So I searched high and low for that dang paper. I looked in an external drive from a laptop I used to own. It crashed a few years ago, and I had someone retrieve everything from the hard drive.

Only all of the documents, photos, music and other miscellaneous junk were tossed in together into over 600 zip files. What a mess. I spent hours looking for that paper.

I finally found it last night and guess what? It’s boring! Ha!

Isn’t it funny how we can remember something in a light that is so different from how we see it now? I was so proud of that paper and I did get an A on it, like all my papers.

But, I’ll leave you with the funny video commercial I wrote about instead.

Happy Dad’s Day to all of you who know “How to Dad”, and you know who you are. Even those who have passed on, we will always remember you in an a certain light.

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