Weekend – Celebration!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely moms out there! I hope you all enjoy a day (or two) of celebration.

This weekend was my birthday party and Mother’s Day celebration, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. My son, daughter-in-law and granddaughters arrived Friday night and by early Saturday morning, the festivities began with a wonderful home cooked breakfast.

Truly one of the best things about getting older is having my adult kids as friends. We have the best laughs and enjoy sitting at the table together, talking and joking around, long after the food is gone.

My oldest son brought his dog and that little guy thinks he’s one of the grandkids, running after the girls and sitting right next to them when they are playing with their toys. It’s fun to watch them all and he enjoys the festivities every bit as much as we do.

Once the breakfast dishes were cleaned up it was time to work on our dinner celebration at the beach.

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday! 

My favorite birthday party with a beach/succulent theme!

My favorite birthday party with a beach/succulent theme!

Beach birthday party
100% homemade by Chef Amber!
My 5-year-old granddaughter took this photo


What a perfect day! My favorite beach with my favorite people, delicious food and lots of laughter.

My daughter in law is a chef and artist – she made this lovely (and delicious) cake for me!

After dinner we stayed at the beach until it was time to call it a day. I’m pretty sure this is my best birthday, so far. I am surrounded by love and I know just how lucky I truly am.

Thank you to my family for making me feel so loved and special.

It was great to share Mother’s Day celebration with my daughter in law, Amber. I know she didn’t get a “Best Mom” button to wear out to breakfast, but I hope she knows we all agree she is The Best Mom.

Whether you are a Mom or have a Mother or maybe it’s your birthday too, I hope your celebration was just exactly what you wanted it to be.




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  1. Anonymous

    I those plates (you wouldn’t mind saying where you got them, would you?) and the gorgeous cake. But I think what I most love is your daughter-in-law and grand-daughter’s matching freckles. So cute.

    I’m a May baby too. Every year I like to take a little time to appreciate what I’ve gone through and achieved – I’m certainly not one who hides my age – and I love your t-shirt because it shows that you appreciate the years that came before, too.

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