We can’t accept your check

I left you hanging, I know. I’ve actually tried continuing my story several times now. But I keep getting stuck.

I hated that time in my life and honestly it’s hard to look back now, knowing what happens. But the other morning, when I was thinking about it all, I remembered two important things

I got through it and survived.  And, I learned an amazing life lesson

So, I’ve decided to just write and go from there. I left off telling you I was neck-deep in bills and my income had plummeted. I had two mortgage payments and was desperately trying to save my homes.

As I sat at my big dining room table, looking at all of the bills that were covering its surface and I made the decision to let my dream house go. The mortgage was twice as much as my old ‘70’s house, so the smart thing to do was to move back into it and try to stop the bleeding.


I called my good friend Linda and she made all of the arrangements to move me back to my old house. She came over with a trailer and a crew and in one day we cleared everything out of the house that I dearly loved and moved it all back into my ugly old house.

Yes, writing that just now made my heart heavy. But I will also always remember how Linda came to my aid. What a truly amazing woman she is, and to this day, I know if I ever needed her, she would be there for me.

At the time, I needed help moving and I needed to figure out how I was going to survive financially.

I had spent many hours on the phone trying to get the banks to work with me. I wrote letters pleading with them to reduce my payments until I could sell one of the houses. And each call and letter got the exact same response.

No. They would rather sell to someone else at a loss than help me keep my home.

So I stopped making the payments on my dream house and tried to catch up with my payments on the old house.

This was the beginning of the housing crisis and as realtors, we were all now learning about foreclosures and short sales.

I found a class about foreclosures at one of the local title companies and signed up. When I got there and looked around, I knew just about every realtor in the room.

As the instructor handed me some information for the class, I glanced down at the first page. It was a list of local foreclosures that were going to be discussed.

And guess whose name and address was the very first one on the list?

After looking up from the page I noticed almost everyone in the room looking at me. I was mortified. I felt my face flush with embarrassment, and sat down in my chair at the back of the room.

I don’t recall what was said during that hour-long class, because it took everything I had to just sit there and not run. Oh, how I wanted to run.

When I got home that day I was so weary. I wanted to crawl into bed and forget all of my troubles. Instead I opened my mail.

There was a letter from the mortgage company for my ‘70’s house, the one I was living in and had decided to try to save. I was hoping it was good news and they had decided to work with me.

As I unfolded the letter, I was surprised and confused. The letter had my last mortgage payment stapled to it. It said they would not accept my check because I was three months behind. They would only accept all three months plus penalties, or nothing at all.

And I had ten days to comply or they would begin foreclosure proceedings.

I still have that letter with my attached check.

Telling this story isn’t easy, but going through that time was so much more difficult than recounting it now. I’m pretty sure I managed to get through it because I was about to be distracted by a very handsome man.

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