How urinals and beauty salons are the same

I went to see Jumanji, Welcome to the Jungle for the second time the other day. That movie makes me chuckle.

There is a scene when Jack Black’s character, Professor Shelley Oberon, who is really Bethany, a 17-year-old girl, has to pee and discovers that “she” has…well, man parts.

It’s pretty funny, and you’ll have to go see it to get the full impact.

In the scene the other guys are telling “her” how to do it, as they are going too. When “she” looks over at the other guys, they immediately yell, “Hey man, there’s no looking!”

Even us girls know that’s the rule.

Women have a similar situation: The beauty salon.

Yep, just like how you guys line up at the urinals, we line up, but in front of mirrors, at the beauty salon. And what’s going on right next to you, on either side, is none of you business.

We go there for beautification, but it’s not pretty while we are in the process. I just went this week and got my hair cut, finally.

There I sat, wet hair parted in the middle with these two “sausage rolls” on each side. My hairdresser divided my hair up into sections and rolled the two in the front to keep them in place.

I wish I had taken a picture because it looked so bad! I had to resist the urge to pull my hand out from under the cape and change it. So instead I glanced over at the lady next to me.

She caught me looking, and gave me a glare.

She looked pretty bad too. She had dye on her roots and her hair was sticking up all over the place. I felt better.

Looking back in my mirror, I could see another lady behind me at a different station. She had foils in her hair and dye on her eyebrows. She kept trying to hide behind her People magazine, but every time she turned a page, those eyebrows popped out for anyone to see.

Urinals are like beauty salons

I’m pretty sure my hairdresser caught me looking right about then, because she moved my chair and tossed a section of hair in my face. Looking through the strands of wet hair, I watched her snip and talk, keeping as much eye contact with me as she could.

She finished my hair, handing me a mirror and whirled me around so I could see how great I looked from all angles. That’s the moment we go back to feeling pretty again, and proudly stand up hoping everyone else sees it too.

I can’t really say for certain, but that part is probably different from what happens for guys at urinals… Or is it?

Salon day!

Reader Comments

  1. Leslie Clingan

    What a fun post. Giggled all the way through. Thought the previews to Jumanji looked pretty cute. You have convinced me that we need to see it.

    When I am at the salon, I don’t even like looking in the mirror at myself. Thankfully, my gal has a station inside of a small room so I don’t have to worry about anyone glancing at me or having the urge to glance at anyone else.

    Thanks for the laugh, friend. XO

  2. JB

    I’ve seen a lot in mensrooms over the years. Guys putting their beer on top of urinals, guys standing way back, even once women lining up beside us to use the stalls. One thing that might surprise you is how many guys want to talk while peeing into urinals. I was at a football game in Houston and there were about a dozen of us all lined up in front of your typical urinals and the guy next to me starts talking about the game while checking his phone. Yes. He had his phone in one hand and it in the other. The guy was making me nervous as he was watching his phone and not his pee stream, which I could see out of the corner of my eye. He was the kind of guy who talks with his hands so when he got excited talking about his fantasy football I was scared his pee was going to shoot up and onto the wall or me! I do think the gentleman had one too many which made matters even worse. I’m a simple man. I don’t ask for much. I don’t care who stands next to me. Just let me pee without a conversation and aim it straight. Feel fortunate you’re a woman and don’t have to use urinals!

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