The science of it all…

I learned about science as a kid, and sometimes first hand. We were that poor family who had old cars on our property and I would play in them at times. Like the old DeSoto that had a steering wheel so big I could sit in it and roll from side to side swinging myself about.

learning about science

That old car also had a few things stored in it. There was an old musty army tent taking up the entire back seat, and one day it caught fire. The sun had hit the back window, which acted like a magnifying glass and set the tent to blaze.

Which almost happened to my face this morning.

I have a set routine at home, so I remember to do all the necessary steps to make it out the door fully clothed and put together. I can’t tell you how many nightmares I’ve had about leaving the house with just my underwear on. There’s probably some sort of psychological reason for those nightmares; like insecurity about exposing myself.

Which is also probably why I published one of my first posts in my underwear.

But back to the setting my face on fire part.

Like I said, at home I have a routine for getting ready each morning, but when I’m not home, I have to improvise. If you’ve seen my video’s you know I do them at my desk, which has the best ever makeup mirror…(ever) on it.

Simple Human has the best makeup mirror

It is concaved to give a true reflection, lights automatically when it detects my face, and is 5 x magnified. It’s perfect. Especially for seeing hairs that keep popping up in extremely unwanted places.

One of the lovely things about growing old, is unwanted facial hair!

Unfortunately it isn’t one I can bring with me on a trip. So I have this very small hand held square one that is okay. The problem with it is it has no light. So after a few days of using it to just put a quick bit of makeup on, I need to find some natural light to check out those above mentioned unwanted f*ck!n@ hairs.

my travel mirror

I’ve been gone from home for six days and I knew that I must be in need of some maintenance, so I took my little mirror outside this morning to have a look. Sure enough there were several gross black hairs right under my lower lip, and a more than a few on my upper lip. What gives!?

 As I was moving to catch the light just right, the light caught the mirror instead. It didn’t take more than a fraction of a second to remember why that old tent had burned. Ouch…

So today’s lesson is: trust science or you could get burned. Or maybe it’s sometimes it hurts to be beautiful. You pick.


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