The Pillion Perspective

I’ll be riding on the pillion of our big beemer today. We are heading up historic Highway 1 all the way to Monterey Bay. Do you know what the pillion is?

pil·lion ˈpilyən/
  1. a seat for a passenger behind a motorcyclist.
    • historical
      a woman’s light saddle.
    • historical
      a cushion attached to the back of a saddle for an additional passenger.

So I get to sit back and enjoy the stunning views while John keeps his eyes on the road (mostly).  Have you ever driven Highway 1 in California? I have many, many times, but this will be my first time going this far up on a motorcycle and I’m so excited.

Avila Beach – Hwy 1

When we stop and I have service, I’ll share some photos from the back seat. Join me on Instagram and see the views with me!


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