The little schoolhouse that will

I shared before that my son and his family live close to the epicenter of two of the largest earthquakes to hit Southern California in 20 years.

On July 5th they had to evacuate their home after the 7.1 quake.

When they arrived at our house at 3:30 on Saturday morning, they were exhausted and shaken. I tucked the girls in their little bed in our room and we made sure nothing was on the walls or shelves around them.

As we were saying goodnight, their cat leaped from my nightstand down onto their bed and both of the girls jumped. They immediately started comforting each other saying it was okay it wasn’t another earthquake.

It broke my heart to see them so frightened.

For the next week, the girls stayed with us while their mom and dad went home to clean up. We talked about earthquakes and what to do and how frightening it was.

I could tell they were suffering from their own aftershock and I was so glad they weren’t home to experience the thousands of earth aftershocks that shook their home.

photo courtesy of The Weather Channel

Most of the damage from the quakes happened at the Navy base where they live. And one of the buildings that will not be repaired is the little school my granddaughters went to.

When we had the girls last week, they both told us how much they loved their school. Brenna said, “I don’t want to ever leave Richmond school, it’s my favorite!”

Richmond Elementary School, Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, Ridgecrest

While she was telling us that, her mom was getting a notice that the school wouldn’t be opening next month. There was too much damage to repair so they are being relocated to an old school off base. Luckily they have one to go to, but it’s not ideal.

The teachers are trying to replace lost supplies and cubbies and bookshelves, all with their own money.

On top of that, there is a regulation that won’t allow the playground equipment to be moved to the new school.

Vieweg Elementary School, Ridgecrest

To add insult to injury, Jimmy Kimmel stood up and used poorly chosen words to make fun of Ridgecrest kids and laughed that anyone would make a big deal out of the earthquakes.

We would love nothing better than to let Mr. Kimmel redeem himself and help out these kids who were, and will continue to be, greatly affected by the quakes.

Would you please help these teachers and children by donating, sharing or even tweeting @jimmykimmel this Go Fund Me page?

I know he was probably just trying to get a laugh but it wasn’t funny.

Maybe he could make it up to them by helping them purchase grass for the new school? Can you even imagine how hot it is going to be there without grass?

It is crazy to think that many of the teachers won’t be allowed on campus until the day before school starts. They are going to be scrambling to make the new school as nice as Richmond was but we have faith in them.

Thank you for any help you can provide these amazing teachers who give their all to help our children.

Click here to donate or share: Earthquake Relocation For Richmond Elementary

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  1. Barbie Holmes

    I know teachers will go above and beyond to get things in order. On their meager salaries it breaks my heart that they have to carry such a burden. Parents, too, are already stretched and are contributing more than they can afford. I do not understand how the wealth in this country is so poorly allocated. However, lamenting doesn’t solve the problem at hand. We will donate and hope others do too in making a difference in getting this school back up and running!

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