Tales of giants and rain

Sometimes too much information is well, too much. I had been following the weather forecast for the last few weeks and two words came up each time I looked:

Cold and Rain.

Each day’s forecast was for rain, with Wednesday being the worst. So the plan was to rest and relax that day, until it was time to leave for Rostrevor.

We had spotted what we thought was an Abby ruin from the window in our room, and decided to go check it out before breakfast. It’s not that we wanted to wait to have a late breakfast; it was more out of necessity.

The breakfast place we wanted to try in Donegal didn’t open until 9am.

The Friary ruins and graveyard did not disappoint.

As we sat eating our breakfast, we made the decision to head north to see the Giant’s Causeway. Rain or shine, it was sure to be a sight to see. Black clouds and rain chased us most of the way there, but as we arrived, the skies opened up to clear blue.

Leaving the car, we both had a sense of urgency, as we knew our luck could change at any moment. Grabbing our rain gear and camera, we headed out to see the views.

Hiking to Giant’s Causeway

What an amazing place to visit. The tale goes, a giant from Scotland threw a stone across the sea at Finn McCool, Ireland’s own giant. Finn built the Giant’s Causeway to go across to confront the Scot giant, Benandonner.

When Finn arrived in Scotland he saw a huge giant, much bigger than himself, and turned and tucked tail back to Ireland.

But of course that’s just a tale…

Great hiking trails with stunning views

Our hike and adventure complete, we got back on the road and headed to Rostrevor. John has always loved that area and especially Kilbroney Park, so we had decided early on we would spend a night there.

Rostrevor is on Carlingford Loch on the Northern Ireland side of the water, with Carlingford on the Republic of Ireland side. I was happy John wanted to take me to this beautiful city, and eager to take a walk into town for dinner.

Carlingford Loch

Kilbroney Park

The next morning we got up early to go find Cloughmore Stone. I didn’t realize when we were at the Giant’s Causeway, that this was the very stone Benandonner had thrown at Finn McCool.

Another beautiful morning greeted us and as we wound our way to the top, the views were breathtaking. John shared with me the last time he was there was 1978 when he was 14 years old.

I loved seeing the look on his face at the top of that mountain.

Cloughmore Stone
Top of the morning to you

It was there that I got the whole story of Cloughmore Stone and Giant’s Causeway. John said when Finn McCool ran back home after seeing Benandonner, Finn’s wife disguised him as a baby.

When Benandonner came to Finn’s house and spotted a very big baby, he thought if the baby was that big, the father must be massive. With that he turned and ran back to Scotland and Finn lived to tell the tale.

We have been lucky to have sunshine most days, and the rains are turning out to be as big a myth as warring giants. 😉



Reader Comments

  1. Leslie Clingan

    I remember seeing folktales about Finn McCool in some of the libraries where I’ve worked but never read one. Thank you for sharing this legend with us. I am just in awe over the spectacular scenery you are enjoying. Breathtaking! Did you buy your lovely cardigan there, in Ireland, or back home? I just love it. So Irish looking, so homespun. Reminds me of a fisherman’s cable sweater my high school boyfriend wore.

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Thank you Leslie! Yes, I bought my cardigan in Donegal from House of Ireland. Real Merino Irish wool. Love it!

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