Take the long way home…

When heading to a destination, I’m generally the kind of person who wants to take the fastest route there. I even get a sense that I have to be in a hurry, because I want to get to where ever we are going, as fast as possible.

I realize I do that in my everyday life. Hurry.

I’ve noticed that I have a sense of urgency almost all the time. Every once in a while I catch myself and slow down, but it’s not very often.

About the only time I’m not in a rush is when I’m going home from a get-away. That’s when that old Super Tramp song gets in my head, and all I want to do is “Take the long way home”. Luckily my husband is the same.

This morning we left San Francisco, at around 9 am, and headed for home. It’s almost exactly a five-hour drive home to Santa Barbara, if you take the route Google suggests. It’s looking like it will take us closer to nine hours to get there.

We went down the coast to Carmel, and then headed inland on Carmel Valley Road. It was a long, windy road to Hwy 101, and we both loved every minute of it. We found all sorts of treasures to admire along the way.

Pacific coast

Pacific Coast highway

Along the Pacific Coast Highway

John always drives and I usually have my camera in my lap, set to shutter priority just in case we see birds or other wild life. We didn’t see any fast-moving owls or birds of prey, but we were both in awe of the scenery.

the middle of nowhwere

treasures along the way

spectacular scenery along the way

Now that we are on the 101, on a stretch of road I’ve travel 100’s of times, it got me thinking about being in a hurry all the time.

I wonder why I do that? Why is it that I have a sense of urgency most of the time?

Do you do that? Talking to other women, I found I’m not alone in this. We all seem to be rushing through life, getting as much done as possible every day. Where does that come from?

I’m going to work on slowing down. And, no I don’t mean slowing down, as in “old age”. I mean slowing down enough to enjoy the everyday scenery around me.

Maybe you should try it with me?

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