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If you win the rat race are you still a rat? – How Instagram and Facebook have become the new rat race

I have found myself running a race on a treadmill, and I am going to step off.

When I started my blog two years ago, I knew I wanted to start a Facebook page and Instagram account to have a platform to share my blog. For the most part, it worked wonderfully.

I have close to 20,000 followers between all mediums.

But those followers came at a cost that I wasn’t prepared for. It turned out that writing my blog was the easy part, but social media would be a bigger challenge.

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Since joining Instagram just over a year ago, I’ve gained about 6,700 followers. While that is pretty cool, I’ve discovered that among those followers there are a vast number of women over 50 who have become my “Insta-Friends”.

I tagged along with John this week and joined him on the road for his job. We drove to Scottsdale on Monday and stayed in a very nice “Villa” at the Scottsdale Hilton. This place was actually bigger than our apartment.

It was fun to get away, and I decided since we were going to be there until Wednesday morning, I’d see if a few of my Scottsdale Insta-friends could meet up. When John and I were both online dating we used to say, “It’s all make-believe until you meet in person.”  Continue reading

Drama and response triggers – how do you handle them?

I had a disturbing day yesterday, full of drama.

Being a part of an online community, all kinds of crazy things can happen. Most of them good, but every now and then, some “not so good” drama happens. Yesterday was one of those times.

As I said the other day, I started my own group to help bring other “over 50 year olds” together so we can get to know each other and grow our Instagram accounts. It took off immediately and I was overwhelmed with requests and questions.

I’ll admit I loved every minute of it. I’m okay with questions and helping and trying to figure out this crazy social media world. What I wasn’t prepared for was someone who didn’t like the way I was running things.

From day one, she was upset and no matter what I, or other members tried she was unhappy. I found myself spending hours everyday trying to fix it for her, only to have the same issue the next day. Continue reading

Hey, where is the Over 50 crowd?

I turned 50 in Napa just a month after moving there from Oregon. Fifty didn’t scare me, just the opposite really.

I was excited.

It was Mother’s Day, 2009 and in an interesting way, I felt like I’d “arrived”. I know most people feel that way at 30, but it took me a bit longer. There is something empowering about being a 50 something year old, and now I’m counting down to 60. Continue reading

One at a time

Some days, when I am writing my blog post, it’s a struggle to find the words and force them onto paper, so to speak. Other days I can’t type fast enough to get the words out, and the best are the days that I have a revelation about myself at the moment the words are forming.

It’s almost like some posts write themselves.

I’ve cried and smiled from some of the memories. I’ve worried over what I’ve written and been proud of my stories. I still have days of doubt about telling my story and sharing so much.

And then there are days like yesterday.

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