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Better After 50?

Why can’t we all just get along?

I wouldn’t call myself a peacemaker, really. I’d even go so far as to say I’m more of an antagonist. But I find myself wondering why we can’t seem to get along with each other these days.

I’ve been following an online magazine called Better After 50 for a while now, (since they published a couple of my posts). I like the title, believing that we are “better after 50”.

They post all kinds of articles ranging from fashion to fitness, family, home, travel and relationships. One of the writers for the magazine packed it all up and decided to sail the world with her partner. Pretty cool, huh? Continue reading

Deep Thoughts

Yesterday I posted this photo on my Instagram page and asked a couple of questions:

Is it okay to have facial hair as a women?

Is it okay to have peach fuzz (facial hair)? I don’t shave mine off, do you? Thoughts?

I got a lot of responses.

The answers ranged from not caring at all, to caring deeply about this topic. And, yeah I know this isn’t the deepest of pondering’s, but it did bring about important personal views and opinions from most.

And that’s what I found interesting.

Continue reading

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