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What do you do to stay focused on gratitude?

I’m continuing with the theme that naturally started this last week and talking about gratitude today. I’ve touched on kindness and grace, which I believe come from gratefulness.

I’ve had gratitude journals, and do a vision board most years, but the thing I do most consistently is to think about what I’m grateful for just before I go to sleep at night. And then in the mornings, set my intention for the day before my feet hit the ground.

It takes just a few moments to do these simple things, and for me, it’s helped me stay focused on the good things around me. Continue reading

Weekend – Gratitude

I love all of the Thanksgiving posts that are flooding social media right now. I’ll admit I can be one of those people who get caught up in mainstream news, which brings me down pretty fast.

So it’s nice to see a few posts about food, and even more about gratitude. Thinking about this past year, I realize I have so much to be thankful for. And there is one person that has made this year possible for me.

My John. Continue reading

One at a time

Some days, when I am writing my blog post, it’s a struggle to find the words and force them onto paper, so to speak. Other days I can’t type fast enough to get the words out, and the best are the days that I have a revelation about myself at the moment the words are forming.

It’s almost like some posts write themselves.

I’ve cried and smiled from some of the memories. I’ve worried over what I’ve written and been proud of my stories. I still have days of doubt about telling my story and sharing so much.

And then there are days like yesterday.

Continue reading

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