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What do you do to stay focused on gratitude?

I’m continuing with the theme that naturally started this last week and talking about gratitude today. I’ve touched on kindness and grace, which I believe come from gratefulness.

I’ve had gratitude journals, and do a vision board most years, but the thing I do most consistently is to think about what I’m grateful for just before I go to sleep at night. And then in the mornings, set my intention for the day before my feet hit the ground.

It takes just a few moments to do these simple things, and for me, it’s helped me stay focused on the good things around me. Continue reading


Thanksgiving is just a week away. For some reason, the last three months of the year seem to fly by much more quickly than the beginning of the year. It’s like when you have kids. As soon as they become teenagers, it feels like a minute goes by before they are grown and out the door.

I’m pretty sure one of the reasons why I like Thanksgiving so much is because of those kids. They loved everything I cooked and did for the holiday. We used to trace their little hands onto different colored construction paper and cut them out to make paper turkeys. Continue reading

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