This last week has been a busy one, full of surprises and change. For the first time since starting my blog, I have actually missed a few days of posts. It doesn’t matter how carefully I plan things out, life can get hectic and have unexpected twists and turns.

I was able to get a few posts on my FaceBook page and Instagram account to update those who follow me there. But I’ve not had a free moment to post here on my blog.

My intention was to have several posts done and ready, but Mother Nature had other ideas.

Surrounded by fire…

For those of you who don’t know, California is on fire. And it’s bad. The fires are spreading amazingly fast because of Santa Ana winds. One fire, near me, was growing at a rate of an acre per second.

Think of that for a minute… (or for 60 acres).

Fire in the sky

Overnight, this fire surrounded the cities of Santa Paula and Ventura, and within a day went up the coast and is heading to my town. Because of this we lost power, and cell service was spotty. These are luxuries that I have taken for granted, and when they were gone, I felt an odd range of emotions.

Strangely, there is a sense of excitement that comes with a disruption of daily life, even if it is for a serious issue like fire. Perhaps it comes from our evolution from caveman to urban-man. Being vigilant and ever ready is in our genes.

And of course there is a sense of fear as well. Mostly for my fellow humans who were quickly evacuating their homes and rounding up their loved ones, a few possessions and animals, to escape the blaze.

I’m also sad for the change in landscape for my beautiful state. Driving through the flames and scorched earth was just plain sad. I know, or at least hope, the earth will repair itself, but it will be many years before it will look the way it did.

Surrounded by fire
Surrounded by fire

I was lucky and had plans to go to the East Coast to be with family. And even luckier that I got out just in time. I have no idea if we will even have a home to go back to, but I can’t think about that right now.

Right now I am surrounded by love. And that’s enough.

Surrounded by love
From fire to snow…

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  1. Trudy Callan

    Oh my goodness! I cannot even imagine! We were surrounded by water from Harvey and you by fire. It’s been a crazy year for everyone. I Had no idea it was traveling so fast. I am so glad that you got out in time and are surrounded by love. I do hope your home escapes.

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