Sunday Sharing from Just Chillin with Carrie and Kat

I discovered a wonderful post from Just Chillin with Carrie and Kat this week, and I’d like to share it with you.

They are also new to the blogging scene, but have quickly made a name for themselves. I love how they introduce their blog and invite us to join in:

“Welcome to Chillin With Carrie and Kat..Just like our name sounds please pull up a cozy chair, a blanket if it’s chilly or open the window if it’s a warm summer night and Chill with us. We will be offering tips and resources we have learned about being a Newbie Blogger. Reviews about wine, wineries and all things associated with wining and dining. Lastly, we will share our thoughts, desires, and discoveries about being Women who are hitting their Mid Life Stride.” 

Doesn’t that sound perfectly inviting? Their blog offers so much, but I found a particular post that I loved. Women Have Stories starts off with Carrie reflecting on aging.

“I’m looking old or at least older than usual I thought to myself the other day as I gazed into the mirror in our bathroom. This was a biggie year for me 50…and I seemed to be checking the mirror more and more looking for the next wrinkle, dark spot or slight drooping of the skin. I knew I was judging myself too harshly but I couldn’t seem to stop myself. The BF has wrinkles like me but when he smiles the creases add character to his face, a rugged charm. He has the older Sean Connery, Mel Gibson look I love. When I look in the mirror and smile I see myself as wrinkly, pale, a bit doughy looking. I have this one wrinkle at the upper corner of my right eyebrow that looks like a dent after a bad accident. I’m not seeing character but someone who isn’t aging well. This negativity overtakes me every once in awhile and I have to start my” I am pretty and age is just a number” mantra so I can make it through the day.”

Carrie goes on to share her thoughts about aging and role models which include some very famous ones and a very special one as well. Please click on the links and check out the rest of her story, I know you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Sharing Just Chillin with Carrie and Kat

Kat and Carrie


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