Sunday Sharing – Blogger Recognition Award 2017 Acceptance

I am honored to be nominated for the 2017 Blogger Recognition Award from Jaimi of Pockets Full of Daisies. 

Jaimi lives in Essex, England with her husband, 4-year old daughter Mia, their dog and three runner ducks! I was intrigued with the three ducks, so I checked her blog out. She writes about their family adventures, food, crafts, positive energy and spirituality. Check out her blog, there’s lots of fun projects and good information.

In accepting the Blogger Recognition Award, I have a few guidelines to follow. I will be nominating 15 other bloggers through-out the next few months. But for now I am sharing a brief paragraph on how my blog started as well as offering two pieces of advice for new bloggers.

2017 Blogger Recognition Award

As most of my readers know, I started this blog in July 2017. It is not my first blog and I have been writing for a few years, but it is the first one I’ve put effort into understanding who I am. To quote from my home page:

“This blog is dedicated to all of the 50 something year old women out there, that may feel the same way I do. My goal is to be authentic, raw, honest and vulnerable, while exploring what it is that makes us who we are.

I write about everything from stories from my past to every day little things that make us tick. All of my stories are true to the best of my memory. It is never my intention to harm anyone by telling my story and how I got to 58. Please forgive me if I do.

My genuine desire to to reach 60 and feel good about myself. And hopefully to bring you along with me in the process. I want to know your story too. I love feedback and comments and respond to all. I have received messages from all over the world, and love that you share with me too.

As far as advice to new bloggers, I would say 1. Have a clear intention in mind and stick to it. And 2. Keep going. Just keep going and try your best not to second guess yourself (which is inevitable at times).

Thank you kindly Jaimi for nominating me for this award. Bloggers supporting and recognizing other bloggers is especially important as we know just how difficult this journey can be.



Reader Comments

  1. mommyhon333

    I have been feeling so conflicted about whether I should keep on keeping on with my blog. My intent with the blog has changed or become muddied so maybe I need to refocus. But I spend a good deal of time writing posts and then question whether it is a wise use of my time.

    Congratulations on this special recognition. Well deserved!

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      I completely understand and have done that with other blogs. Ask yourself what you want…to share, accomplish, whatever. And once you find the answer stick to it. Also, write for you. I should have given that advice, because it’s the most important (in my opinion).

      Thank you kindly.

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Thank you Christy. I too am working on following my intuition. It can be easy to let others dictate my direction…

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