Summer Vacations from our Childhood

Did you ever spend summer vacations at your Grandparents house?

I never did. I mean, we went there to visit, but I don’t remember staying at their place for a week or even a few days without my parents.

We did, however, have fun during our summers growing up, and I loved it when we played Hide and Seek outside until way after sunset. And we always had a great time at the beach. 

That’s me in the front center

When my husband John was growing up, he would spend summer vacations at his Grandparents’ house in Ireland. And boy does he have some tales to tell about his time there.

Like getting to take his Grandma Greta’s moped off on those crazy narrow country roads they have. He attributes those times to his love for motorcycles to this day.

John on Greta’s moped

And I’m pretty sure it was that same Grandma who gave him a deck of cards with naked ladies on them. He also told me about ordering up his Grandpa Eddie’s favorite drink at the local pub.

He would go and stay with several family members and still talks of those days fondly.

This was our first summer to have our granddaughters come stay with us for 10 days and I sure hope they come back again next summer. I would love it if they have some tall tales to tell of their adventures at our place during their summer visits.

Hopefully those tales won’t be the ones their parents shouldn’t know about, but I can’t guarantee anything.

Until next year girls!

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