Saturday Sunrise

There is something wonderful about starting my day watching a sunrise. John and I like to get up early and head out to watch the sun light up the world. It is one of our favorite things to do. Sometimes we ride our bikes, and other times we are on the road. We’ve climbed to the top of El Toro many times to catch the fist light of day.

It's a great hike up El Toro, and sunrise is the best part of the day.

Sunrise from the top of El Toro

A foggy sunrise at the Wharf in Santa Barbara

A foggy sunrise from the pier in Santa Barbara

Catching the first morning light in Santa Barbara

Catching the first morning light from the beach

Getting up early to head out for coffee

On the road in Turlock, heading out for early coffee

Catching an early morning surfer in the sunrise

Catching a surfer out at first light

Some mornings are blue at sunrise

The clouds gave us a very blue sunrise this morning

I hope you get out there early and start your day with the first light. It always sets my mood and day to be a great one.

Happy Saturday!

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