Riding down California Highway 1 – Day 2

Sunday morning was relaxing after our fun night in Monterey. Saturday we walked to a little sushi joint called Ocean Sushi Deli – try saying that three times fast. It was nice to sit outside and enjoy delicious food and each other’s company.

We don’t wear any communication on the bike because we both relish the time to just be in our own thoughts and take in the scenery. So we chatted about the ride over sushi and sake.

Walking back to the Hilton, we caught the last bit of sunlight before it disappeared behind a rather thick fog bank. 

Sunset in Monterey

The fog was still with us when we woke Sunday morning, and we prepared for another foggy ride home.

But first, we stopped for a great breakfast at Aliotti’s Victorian Corner Restaurant in Pacific Grove.

After our hearty breakfast we made our way to one of our favorite spots, Lover’s Point. Whenever we visit Pacific Grove, we make sure to visit this rocky outcropping and peer down at the swirling waters below.

Lover’s Point, Pacific Grove, California
A foggy morning at Lover’s Point

Saying goodbye to the squirrels, we bundled up and headed south along the coastline. Within minutes we were rewarded with sunshine and those amazing turquoise blues of the Pacific Ocean.

The fog was still trying to push landward and as we twisted in and out of curves there would be times we were in the rolling fog, and times we were in sunshine.


Highway 1 has several historical bridges that sightseers flock to for photographs. We both decided going down Highway 1 is much better than coming up it. Most of the turnouts are on the ocean side, and it’s easier to stop at any given moment to snap a photo or two.

Bixby Creek Bridge

Big Sur was bright and warm and we stopped at the famous, Big Sur Bakery for a few minutes to stretch our legs. The entire way to Morro Bay was one stop after another, as the views were breathtaking.

Far below the cliffs and out to sea you can spot what looks like giant igloos and castle craigs that only the sea birds inhabit. And, if you sit long enough, you may see a spout or two from a passing whale.

Heading farther south, we stopped briefly at Lucia, which is really just a store, restaurant and hotel for visitors. But the views were so inviting, we both wanted a chance to look around.

Lucia, California

For over a year this part of our state was closed off to anyone but the locals. As we slowly made our way past the massive landslide that once made travel on Highway 1 impossible, the damage was still visible.

Our next stop was just down the road for a quick cup coffee at Gorda. I enjoy this tiny town each time we pass through, and didn’t want to miss it this trip. After a short rest, we rode south stopping way too many times to count.

Gorda Springs

Ragged Point in the Sunshine
Sunny Ragged Point

Years ago, when we were first dating, John took me to see the Elephant Seals five miles north of Hearst Castle at Piedras Blancas, and we couldn’t resist a chance to eye these amazing creatures once again.

The video’s of these guys are pretty funny

By the time we left the coast to head inland, it was getting close to dinnertime.

We both loved our trip down Highway 1 that day, and have many photos to show for it. Our final stop before heading back to Santa Barbara was at Cold Spring Tavern for dinner. We shared a table outside with another couple and enjoyed dinner and a lively conversation.

What a great way to spend the weekend, and I hope you find yourself meandering along Highway 1 stopping at each and every vista point to soak in the beauty.

Reader Comments

  1. Patti Karshis

    Wow y’all drove a long way! I love the look of the Victorian restaurant! I’m going to save your blog post because one day soon I want to do this with my daughter (in a car for us) and maybe we can stop at some of the same places! If we went one way only, which would you recommend – down hwy 1 or up hwy 1?

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Thanks Patti! Definitely go down Hwy 1. Most of the stops are on the ocean side, and so much easier to get to heading south!

  2. Amy Kennedy

    Oh Loretta! I just love reading about your adventures! Thank you so much for sharing all the little details! Each one is like a treasure! I would want to see those seals too! And sharing a table with people you’ve never met, how fun! And those swirling pools seem so very lovely! You both look so happy!

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