Please secure your oxygen mask before assisting others

I’m being pulled.

My attention is being pulled in many directions. I have people relying on me, and I want to be sure I can help.

Last week I had to focus on a wedding that I coordinated, and that was an enormous task. So I thought the best thing to do was to take some things off my plate.

You may have noticed I didn’t post daily on my blog, like I had been doing.

Sometimes I can prioritize and understand that I have to let something go, but most the time I don’t want to do that, so I push on. I’m sure I can get it all done if I just keep pushing forward.

But, I decided the easiest/best thing to let slide last week was my blog. After all, it’s just a blog and certainly not important to anyone really.

Interestingly, what I found out is, it’s important to me.

At a hotel in Scottsdale, writing

Not necessarily in the way you’d think though. The stress I’m feeling today isn’t from other people needing my attention or me. No, it’s from not finding time to do the things that are best for me.

Not only did I let my writing go last week, I also didn’t find time to exercise. I’ll admit exercise is almost the first thing taken off the list of priorities. That and enough sleep.

The other priority in my life right now is my oldest son. He had to come back here for doctor appointments. Lots of doctor appointments.

I’m helping him drive, because all of these doctors are almost two hours away. He has an injury that makes it difficult for him to sit or stand for very long. It is serious and extremely frustrating for him. I shared his story on my Facebook page, here.

Don’t get me wrong please. It’s not that I don’t want to assist with a wedding. I thoroughly enjoy it. And helping my son is of utmost importance to me.

I just need to remember to put a little bit of time and energy into my things and me.

You know the saying – “put your oxygen mask on before assisting others.”

Writing and exercise are my oxygen mask.

Reader Comments

  1. Diane

    Loretta: We know and understand that there are times when life is busier than usual. When I didn’t see your usual postings, I knew you were busIER than usual. I know that you are no slacker;) I want you know that it’s more than a blog that you do. But, please because we care about you, put yourself first. I will keep your son in my prayers. Hugs-Diane

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Thank you so much Diane…such kind words that I appreciate.

      I went for a brisk walk yesterday while catching up with my daughter in law on the phone, and then wrote this last night. I feel better!

  2. Rebecca

    Yes, writing and exercise are deal breakers for most bloggers. Since we love writing and engagement. And, since we sit in a chair a lot, exercise is crucial.
    Yet, one of the most important lessons that I have learned early on in my business is that you can take time off of writing. Your readers will understand and it has shown to boost creativity and rejuvenates our perspective. Sort of refocuses our direction, if you will. My two cents!

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Thank you Rebecca.

      What I found most interesting is that I missed it! I know my readers will understand, but I didn’t know I would be the one missing writing this much.

  3. Amy Kennedy

    Goodness I can relate to this one! I just had a trusted friend telling me I need to cut some things so I can focus on my blog too. And that is exactly what I am longing to do. It’s just hard to make changes that impact others. That oxygen mask is such a great illustration.

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      I can tell you are the kind of person who is eager to help everyone…but yep, we need to put ourselves first (lol…not like I know how to do that!).

      I have always liked that analogy because it is a good visual for me. I need to breath to be able to help others!

  4. Kim Cook

    This is exactly where I am now. Glad I read this today. I need to let some things go and focus on what I want to build. My blog is not growing as I had hoped so I am going to back off a bit on social media and put my focus there! Thanks Loretta!

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