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After last month’s scare over the health of my niece and sister, I started July with a renewed sense of purpose to return to my optimum health. I did a little research and learned a bit about insulin resistance and found that I hit all the markers for it.

So on July 1st I tweaked my diet to help my body regulate insulin better.

Healthy fats, lots of veggies for optimum health

Everything was going great until July 4th, and no I didn’t eat hot dogs and potato salad and blow my diet. Instead, we experienced the biggest earthquake southern California has had in 20 years. That was until July 5th when a bigger one hit.

We were home on July 4th at around 10:30 in the morning when our house started rocking back and forth. There wasn’t enough of a shake to cause anything to crash or fall off the walls but it was still an unsettling feeling.

Afterward, I text my kids to tell them we had an earthquake not expecting one to call to tell me the epicenter was in his neighborhood. He told me everyone was okay, but the house was a wreck with broken glass everywhere.

There is a weird, hard to describe sense of excitement when you experience an earthquake. It is like you are now part of an exclusive community that has experienced something so powerful and almost incomprehensible. My son and daughter in law were now part of that club.

They spent the rest of that day and all of the next cleaning up the mess that Mother Nature caused and getting their house back in order.

Just as we all had settled back into our routines, the earth shook again.

This time it was bigger and lasted longer. Our old house rocked and rocked to the point that John and I went outside where it was safest. We watched the trees sway and potted plants rock and waited for the tremor to subside.

I knew if we felt it that much that my kids had it worse, and waiting the 10 or 15 minutes to hear from them was agonizing. I finally got word they were all okay, but this time it was worse and their house was not only a huge mess but they were without power and water too.

They live on a Navy base and both helped to make sure all of their neighbors who were home were okay. All of the children gathered outside together while parents went around shutting off gas to the houses and checking on animals.

By midnight they were asked to leave the base as it was deemed unsafe. My son and daughter in law dug through the mess and packed one small suitcase with a change of clothes for each of them, loaded up their two cats and a rescue desert tortoise and headed to our home.

They arrived at 3:30 on Saturday morning, exhausted and in need of rest before they could share the details of their ordeal.

After the sun came up, we sat around the kitchen table drinking coffee as they shared how bad the last quake was. And on Sunday they headed back to assess and clean up the damage, while the girls stayed with us.

Then Monday morning John left for work out of town, so the last few days have been just the girls and me. Last night as I looked at the pile of construction paper on the living room table, along with the girls’ scissors, glue, tape and staples, and I thought about how the month started with my focus on my health.

It then occurred to me that health isn’t just what I am eating or how much I exercising. It isn’t just physical.

Emotional and mental health play just as big a role.

So I have switched my optimum health focus to include things like making construction paper books, going to the zoo, and even enjoying a couple of pancakes covered with real maple syrup with my two granddaughters.

It only took a couple of earthquakes for me to realize physical health and mental health equal optimal health.

This is optimum health!

Reader Comments

  1. Lana

    We get earthquakes in Seattle too, although most of the time they’re pretty small. The last big one was 6.8, in 2001. I was at a meeting and we all got under desks to wait it out. My then four year old was with my sister, and was terrified, poor guy. My six year old was at school, and I was worried that he was ok. Turns out they were outside at recess and he didn’t even notice! Glad everyone in your family is ok – and you’re a wonderful grandma to help out!

  2. Barbie Holmes

    Oh, Loretta! The earth had a nasty way of helping set priorities! When faced with such a potential catastrophic event, suddenly our focus becomes clearer and we hold what is most important to our hearts much closer. You and your physical and mental health are the most significant as you can then offer the required support to your loved ones! Nana needs to be healthy and happy! This is a wonderful post in helping all of us remember how we have very little without physical and mental health. Xx

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Thank you, Barbie. My number one goal is to be healthy and vital all the way to the end! lol…hopefully in like 40 or so years 😉

      It sometimes takes a little shaking to get my priorities right!

  3. Lisa Selwitz

    Love this! This seems to be the answer to the dilemma you were sharing about on Facebook. I really relate to this POV, as I’m coming to this place organically myself. We need to create balance by creating balance EVERYWHERE in our lives, and as you pointed out, that includes mental and emotional fitness. This is a very emotional, but satisfying post. Thank you!

  4. Julie Augustyn

    Sometimes good things come out of bad things! Optimal health is do critical to a long and happy life! You’re also building cherished memories with your granddaughters, which is priceless!

  5. LeAna

    Hi Loretta:

    So glad everyone is safe. We only felt a small shaking here in OC, enough to slosh the pool water around. It’s interesting for such a large quake for there to be so little news about it? Enjoy your visit with the granddaughters!

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Part of the reason is they wasn’t centered in a small populated area and the other reason is that most of the damage was at China Lake Naval Air and Weapons Station. No civilians allowed on base = no media!
      Thank you, LeAna!!

  6. Linda

    Wow. What an ordeal. It must have been scary going through two quakes. Very happy everyone is ok. I agree mental and spiritual health are just as important as physical health!

  7. Sandra Stanley

    I’m glad your family is ok. What an ordeal! Time with your girls is precious, too. It’s always a balance. Sometimes we must concentrate on our physical health, and others on our emotional health. We are all a work in progress.

  8. Rebecca

    I know it rocked you and your family to the core. Emotional jars like that disrupt every routine in our lives. And then, like you and me, they kick right back in…once we settle down. 🙂

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