It’s not what you are dealt, it’s how you deal with it.

It’s not what we are dealt, it’s how we deal with it that matters.

There is so much change and uncertainty going on around me lately. It’s difficult to deal with it, at times.

I used to be an avid novel reader, and romance novels were among my favorites. I would get so involved with the story and the protagonist, there were times that I’d actually fret over the outcome.

I wanted to look ahead in the book to make sure everything would turn out okay. Although I never did,  I’ve felt that way in real life as well.

But since I can’t look ahead in life, I’ve learned to just keep going. Everything always turns out okay. Even through difficulties.

We are uncertain about where to go next week with our granddaughters, because our town is dealing with a raging wildfire. The Thomas Fire was consumed thousands of acres in Southern California, and it has threatened our home.

And I’m not the only one dealing with uncertainty. It seems everyone around me is as well.

So I say, let’s just keep going and believe it will all work out. And if things are thrown in our paths, let’s remember… it’s not what we are dealt, it’s how we deal with it.

Dealing with uncertainty and problems can be a challenge. How we deal with it, is what really matters

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