Napa Life

The day we arrived in Napa and started unpacking our U-Haul, I tripped over a big rock and hurt my leg pretty badly. I was a bloody mess.

Judd grabbed a lounge chair from the deck, and set it up so I had a place to prop my leg up and get some ice on it. It hurt a lot. But what was almost worse was, I was carrying my little Bella when it happened and she flew out of my arms and landed a few feet away.

Bella enjoying Napa Life
My sweet little Bella

Thank goodness she wasn’t hurt or I would have been a total wreck.

Bella and I sat there together, consoling each other, as Judd got a few essentials out of the truck. I felt like it was a bad sign.

But really everything was good. We had a beautiful home to live in and I had an okay salary to pay the rest of our bills. So there was no need to read anything into crashing into a big rock, right?

I managed to recover quickly enough and set up the house over the next few days. I was eager to check out my new job, which was starting soon. Luckily I had another month to get things ready before the owner would show up for the summer.

Judd and I decided because my job provided just enough income to live modestly, he would spend his time working on his art business. So I while I went over my job requirements, he started painting.

Our first summer there was a breeze.

I loved working in the rose garden in Napa
I was in charge of the roses…my favorite part of that job.
When I wasn't working, we would bike all over Napa Valley
Biking in Napa Valley

The owner, Mrs. S, showed up in May and we spent time getting to know each other. I really liked this woman, and summer seemed to fly by.

She informed me she would be doing a complete remodel on her home when she left in September. And on the day she left, we said our goodbyes, and a moving company came to pack every single thing in her 10,000 square foot home and take it away.

Then the construction started.

I had no idea I would be living in a construction zone for the next nine months. While I didn’t have Mrs. S there to help, I did have about 40 construction workers there most days, who had a lot of questions for me.

I was very busy that fall and winter.

On the other hand, Judd wasn’t busy.

He said it was too difficult to be creative with all the noise and distractions. So, I helped him by photographing all of his previous work so he could send out photos and get some leads on jobs or shows.

Over the years I’ve often found myself in a “supportive role”. I enjoy helping and I’m good at it too. I was happy to provide the dough for now, so Judd could be the breadwinner later.

Napa was our opportunity to create a new life. And what better place than paradise?

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