My dream home

2006 was shaping up to be a good year for me. I met “Tom” in May and by the end of that month I had another wonderful surprise.

My real estate business was going strong and I was making great money. Everything but the kitchen and exterior of my ‘70’s house had been remodeled, and I was feeling confident and accomplished.

I was having fun dating Tom and, because of our polar opposite views on religion, we were having wonderful conversations that would go on for hours and hours. It was stimulating and as someone who is a bit of a debater, I loved every minute of it.

Tom was a charming gentleman who loved a good glass of wine and a lively discussion.

My evenings were spent out on my rickety old wooden deck, drinking wine and discussing evolution and creationism with Tom. And my days were filled with work and real estate.

Every Tuesday our real estate group would meet early to discuss new business and go on tour of the new homes listed that week. It was a great way to keep up on the latest changes, and it was fun to chat with my colleagues.

On tour we would carpool and quickly go from house to house, visiting each one so we would then be familiar with it. Generally speaking, we would pretty much race through each home, getting through tour as quickly as possible.

But on one particular Tuesday, I stepped into a home and fell in love.

This home was my dream house. Everything about it. I was in awe and walked around each room two or three times. I felt a rush of excitement I’d never felt before and I knew I wanted this home.

The minute I got back to my office I wrote up a full price offer, contingent upon my ‘70’s house selling. By that afternoon, I had the signed accepted offer in my hands. I quickly put my house on the market and waited for an offer.

Things had been so hot in real estate and prices had steadily gone up over the past few years. It was a given that my house would sell, and quickly. Every night I dreamed of my new home, and since it was vacant and I had a code to unlock it, I would go there often and just sit and feel the place.

Before my house had a chance to sell, the other agent, the one selling my dream home, came to me and said she got another offer on the house. Since my offer was a contingent one, she wanted me to rescind it and step aside.

I was devastated.

My heart sank, but then my brain went into high gear (as it often does in these situations) and I called my lender. He told me I would have no problem qualifying to purchase the new home, without my old house selling.

I was making plenty of money to afford both payments, at least for a few months. Without a second thought, I agreed, signed the papers and within three days, I was sitting on the floor in the home of my dreams.

I will never forget that moment. I sat upstairs, in the master suite, which was surrounded on three sides with windows. Looking out at the trees, I felt like I was sitting in a tree house.

That moment was one of the happiest moments of my life. I had worked so hard to get where I was and I was so proud of myself and filled with joy that I found my home.

My dream home

How could anything possibly go wrong?…

Reader Comments

  1. Leslie Clingan

    So glad your hard work paid off and you were able to find a way to get your dream home. But your last line left me holding my breath and anticipating that very possibly, something went wrong!!

  2. Mary D.

    I know exactly how you felt!! I felt the same way when I walked through this home almost eight years ago. Although it was listed at a quarter of a million dollars, I knew it had to be mine!! I truly believe it was built 5 years earlier with me in mind (although it should have had a kitchen window!!) I also know how crazy it was for two empty nesters to purchase a 4500 square foot home, but I didn’t care. If we decide to move and downsize at least I can say that I owned the house of my dreams!! And so did you, Loretta!! How lucky can two small mid western town girls be in this lifetime?!! We dreamed it and made it happen!!

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      How wonderful that you bought your dream home too!! I love what you said at the end. I hadn’t thought of it that way, because I still get sad that I don’t have that home….BUT, I did at one time!! Thank you Mary.

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