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Live Happier Longer Podcast

In celebration of Women’s Month, Molly and Angela from Live Happier Longer invited me to share my story on their podcast.

Here is what they had to say:

We got to dive into the why behind her blog, what has happened in her life since starting it and where she is headed in the future.

Here are some of her own words:

“I definitely look ahead and say I can do whatever I want.”
“I want to age and continue to grow all the way until the end.”
“You can’t just think about it. You have to take action.”

What inspires me the most about Loretta is she is DOING it! She’s writing, she’s hiking, she’s traveling and now she’s even learning to play the piano
We know you’ll love listening to her inspiring story just as much as we enjoyed talking with her.

Live Happier Longer

I hope you enjoy our chat as much as I did!

Creating Happiness Sharing Your Authentic Self with Loretta Sayers

Pursue your spark

I was delighted to be featured on Heike Yates – Pursue Your Spark podcast last week. I met Heike over a year ago through Facebook and enjoy her energy and enthusiasm for life.

She brings a positive spirit to everything she does and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with her. Her goal is to help women in midlife live a healthy lifestyle by developing simple, balanced nutrition, fitness and lifestyle programs.

She has developed a reputation for creating real-life solutions and lasting results. My interview with her was fun and enlightening. Heike’s spark shows in everything she does.

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How Vulnerability Can Change Your Life

I was deeply honored to be featured on Catherine GraceO’s Forever Fierce podcast. She is a wonderful host that put me at ease and coaxed my story and thoughts out effortlessly.

Here’s what she had to say about the show:

“Loretta’s story will inspire you to look at vulnerability in a whole new way. Join Catherine and Loretta’s Count Down to 60 in a powerful and intimate conversation that will shift the way you think about the process of aging. On todays show you will learn:

▪️How to use the power of vulnerability to change your life.

▪️Why what you are most afraid to reveal is where your power lies.

▪️How vulnerability impacts every relationship in your life.

▪️What you can learn from letting your #ShieldsDown.

▪️Why our culture has it all wrong when it comes to aging.

▪️How writing can change your life.

▪️Why vulnerability makes us stronger Join our conversation and leave a comment below on how vulnerability has changed your life.”

Catherine GraceO
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No Limits Magazine

I “met” Jeanie online through Instagram. She is feisty and funny and I was immediately impressed by her sense of self.

After a few months of “stalking” her, I was even more impressed when I learned the her story of struggle, loss and ultimate comeback. She was also a big fan of mine.

So when she asked me if she could publish one of my stories in her debut edition of her magazine, No Limits Magazine, I was thrilled.

This magazine is all about saying to hell with self-imposed and society imposed limits on people “of a certain age”.  Continue reading

Winning together

I started this blog just over seven months ago. Like most things I start, I had no clear direction or mission in mind. I just knew I needed to start writing, immediately.

And for some reason, I felt it was essential to just be me. It’s actually easier to write how we think we are supposed to write, and say the things we are supposed to say. It’s harder to just write from the heart.

At least it is for me.

As I go about my day, no matter what I am doing, there is this voice inside my head that is always questioning whether I’m doing the “right” thing. Does that ever happen to you?

Along side that voice is another one judging me.

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My 15 minutes of Fame

My moment of fame probably won’t last an entire 15 minutes, but it sure was fun being a part of Health Monitor‘s article on Asthma. They featured me on the front cover and wrote a piece about exercise-induced asthma for a special edition.

It all started when Joana Mangune read my post “A conscious thing“, and contacted me to ask if they could interview me for an article in their magazine. I’d never heard of the magazine, and you probably haven’t either.

But if you’ve ever been stuck in a waiting room patiently waiting for your doctor to finally show up, that magazine could have been sitting right next to you.  Continue reading

Sunday Sharing – Blogger Recognition Award 2017 Acceptance

I am honored to be nominated for the 2017 Blogger Recognition Award from Jaimi of Pockets Full of Daisies. 

Jaimi lives in Essex, England with her husband, 4-year old daughter Mia, their dog and three runner ducks! I was intrigued with the three ducks, so I checked her blog out. She writes about their family adventures, food, crafts, positive energy and spirituality. Check out her blog, there’s lots of fun projects and good information. Continue reading

The Day The World Changed – published version

I am very honored that this story was published in Better After 50.

I had to edit the original post to meet the word count of under 750, so I hope you enjoy this version.

I am very proud of this one…

The Day My World Change

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