Missing out

Wow two weeks of being sick kicked my butt! I feel like I missed the holidays this year because of it.

Isn’t it interesting that there are so many expectations at Christmas?

We are supposed to be happy. We should be with family or friends. And we must exchange gifts! What feels so odd is, if those things aren’t happening, then somehow we have “missed out”.

That’s how I felt anyway.

Is it because we know the collective is celebrating? Or maybe because our friends will ask, “What did you get?” and “What did you do for Christmas?”

Our little Christmas Tree

John and I didn’t exchange gifts for Christmas. Well, unless you count the socks I gave him. But we do give each other gifts throughout the year.

John gave me a piano keyboard a few days before Christmas so I would have something to do besides watch old movies, while recovering. That was so sweet of him.

And we spent the day together and even managed to go to the beach for a few hours of sunshine.

Christmas at the beach!

So maybe I didn’t really miss out on anything? And maybe it’s really Christmas anytime of the year?

I hope you had a wonderful day, whatever you did, even if you spent it alone watching old movies.

Christmas doesn’t have to be anything “prescribed”….it can be whatever you decide. How did Christmas affect you this year? Did it feel like you were supposed to follow a script? Or did it feel organic?

Reader Comments

  1. Marijke

    A bit of a script for me. Since returning to Europe from Oz we are more or less expected to join the family (in law for me) in UK and what they do every year. There is turkey, I don’t eat meat, there are stacks of presents, we don’t want presents. Mum in law is 84 and I respect her tradition but we feel a bit like the odd ones out.

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Perhaps when her generation is gone, there will be changes for the family? I would feel just like you, Marijke! XX

  2. jodie filogomo

    That’s how we are….we decided awhile ago to skip the gift giving. Even for our anniversary. Instead we choose to spend time together with a fun event or place to go.
    I can’t wait to hear you play more, Loretta!! And I’m glad you’re finally feeling better!!

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      It’s so freeing to let go of the need for gift giving! I’m glad you too chose experiences over things!

      Thank you Jodie…I’m excited to learn something new! Good for my brain!! XX

  3. Pam | The Beauty Conservator

    I’m so sorry you were sick during Christmas. Your post reminded me of a Brene Brown quote, “Expectations are resentments waiting to happen.” As a former control freak, I’ve had to let go of holiday expectations and roll with changes.

    Hope you are feeling better for an amazing New Year Celebration!

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