May 15th

I should back up a bit. I left out a lot of important details in yesterday’s post. Not sure why I skipped most of 2008 and went right to the end of that year.

Maybe because it was a year of change.

Working from my home office, early 2008

I was no longer a homeowner. My career had tanked. And my friendships were strained too. It was almost as if I was a completely different person.

Looking back I could say the same thing about Judd.

The one constant was, we had each other. We spent all of our time together and were so close perhaps we forgot about the outside world. Or rather the world outside of us.

2008 was a year of change
Realtor fashion show 2008

I’ve mentioned before that Judd gave me a beautiful “Wonder Woman bracelet” that was very special to me. He also gave me a stunning obsidian necklace that was handmade, and I adored.

His third piece of jewelry was a ring.

Judd knew what May 15th was for me. He listened to me tell the story of how my brother had died, and saw the pain in my heart. I cried when I said I couldn’t remember his birthdate, only his death date.

May 15th

He wanted to change that date for me. And so he did. Getting down on one knee in our tiny little rental home, he presented me with a box and inside was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen.

We talked about marriage, but also knew we wanted to wait. There was no need to be in a hurry and we had a lot of things to figure out.

I wore his ring and we set about making a life together.

We rode bikes and played tennis. We went camping and hiking. And each night we were wrapped in each other’s arms, happy and content.

Most weekends were spent with his parents and his family. They all embraced me as if I was one of them and we were very close.

A year of change
Carmel trip with his parents

It wasn’t until later that year that I started working for the auctioneer. And, it was October when we decided to move to a bigger place because Judd was unhappy where we were.

It was that winter when things started to shift.

The winter of 2008
Winter 2008

I loved our condominium. It was a two-story surrounded by tall ponderosa pines. We had a fireplace and that winter when the boughs were heavy with snow, it was a warm, cozy place to sit and chat and enjoy the view.

It was in front of that fire that I watched our new President give his acceptance speech. And it was also there that Judd shared that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to stay with me.

His words came out of nowhere. It was such a surprise and shock I couldn’t believe my ears. The words were somehow “wrong” and made no sense.

But we were happy!

That night I cried and Judd held me tight. When I woke up the next day I felt like it was all just a dream or mistake. We talked and Judd said he had no idea what he was saying and that he loved me and to please forgive him.

And so I did.

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