Life’s a Beach

I grew up at the beach.

I’ve probably mentioned that a time or two. But I bring it up today because I now live in Santa Barbara, and I have so many different beaches to choose from.

Each one offers something a little different than the others.

If you want a chance at spotting a movie star or two, Butterfly Beach is the place to go. It’s a narrow beach in Montecito where the rich and famous live and/or come to visit.

Who is that famous person?

If you’re looking for a hardy volley ball game, East Beach is for you.

There’s a lot of sand between where you park and the water, and plenty of volleyball nets fill that real estate and are ready for you to bring a ball and some friends.

Goofing off at East Beach

The surf’s up at Ledbetter Beach, as well as plenty of picnic tables and bar-b-ques. It’s a great place to have a party and enjoy the view, and watch the surfers catch point break waves.

Sunrise Surfer at Ledbetter Beach

If you want to bring Fido to the shore and let him run wild, Arroyo Burro Beach, or as the locals call it, Hendry’s Beach, has an off leash area that’s perfect for the doggies. It’s also my favorite beach to watch the sunset. Just take a right down the stairs and you’ll be away from the commotion.

Off leash side of Arroyo Burro Beach
Copernicus loves the beach
Winter sunset at Hendry’s Beach

And the “Safest Beach in the World” just so happens to be at Carpinteria State Beach.

I always thought it got that moniker because there were no shark attacks, but there’s more to it. This beach has gentle waves and no rip tide because of the Channel Islands off the coastline. Whenever we have our granddaughters, this is our favorite beach to go to.

Carpinteria State Beach

Even though each of these beaches offers different things, they all will be crowded with happy people in bathing suits, shorts, and flip-flops, having a great time.

We spent almost five hours at Carp beach yesterday and I was looking around at all the different ages and body types there. Some were completely covered up, from head to toe. My guess is they were concerned about getting too much sun.

Others were in tiny little bikinis leaving almost nothing to the imagination. And then there were those wearing everything in between those two extremes. And I loved it all.

No one pointed and did any body shaming. There were no snickers or eye rolls. Everyone was just happy to be at the beach enjoying the sun, sand and surf.

And I like that. It’s how it should be everywhere – even online.

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    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      I do feel lucky to live here Julie.

      And, isn’t so nice to see everyone having fun without worry of judgement?

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