Let’s do this together – Week 4 Video

Just a quick video today!

Have you experienced any issues with protein drinks? They seem to be all the rage now, or maybe they always have been and I’m just now catching on. I’ve tried a few different ones and even invested in a fairly expensive one with great ingredients.

what's in your protein drink?

It took me a while to discover an unpleasant side effect of protein powder. I have a sensitive system, so I can have trouble pin pointing which thing I ate that caused a “reaction”. But I was surprised when my friend asked me what I was doing differently in my diet and I responded. “Nothing new….except protein shakes after working out”.

She informed me I’d just found the culprit. So, I stopped using Shakeology. A week later I tried my husband’s protein powder thinking it was just the one brand that was the issue. Same results.



So, I guess I’m back to just eating food after my workouts. What about you?

Do you have a specific food or drink after a big workout? Have you experienced any issues from protein drinks?

I’ve heard we are supposed to eat within an hour after working out. Do you do that too?

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  1. Trudy Callan

    I have not felt comfortable with the whey proteins. Diarrhea, no fun. I am slowly making strides with my knee. I’m doing stretches and physical therapy exercises for it each day. I did the recumbent bike yesterday for 20 minutes wearing a knee brace. Enjoy those babies.

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