Let’s do this together – Week 3 Video

Time for another video of my Let’s do this Together series. 

Please excuse the bloopers, swear words and interruptions! All of my videos are from the first take and not edited. My goal is to just be me, and yes, sometimes I swear. I also intend to keep them short and sweet. But this one went from laughing to swearing to laughing to crying. What the heck?

So I dropped the Fast Metabolism Diet. Just was NOT for me. Way too much focus on food. I’ve honestly found that when I spend my day thinking about my diet, I end up eating more than I should or need. I also know for me, the See Food diet is a big problem. I’m okay by myself without a bunch of food around, but put some in front of me, and I’ll eat it.

I have been fit most of my life because I have been active most of my life. Every time I have slowed down, I’ve put on extra pounds. Five years ago I smashed my right foot. After a few years it got worse and worse and I kept allowing myself an out when it came to activity and exercise.

By the time I had surgery to fuse a joint, I was overweight and out of shape.

Having my big toe fused set me back a couple of years. Time to get back on my bike and get in shape.
Surgery March 2016

I wrote about it on my blog, “I let a couple of screws get me down”

But it was/is just an excuse. In my Nia class there is a woman who has had surgery on both of her feet. She can’t participate in the class on her feet, so she either uses a balance ball or gets on the floor with a yoga mat to “dance”.

That’s a woman who didn’t find an excuse not to exercise. 

          But the good news is, I’m back on track.

I love (yes, love) my bike. It’s fast and sporty and so much fun. I ride to the gym, which helps me warm up before classes. And my husband and I ride together most weekends. I feel so much better.

What’s your favorite activity/sport/exercise? What do you love to do?




–side note– I don’t know who started the Me Too campaign…I just know I am part of it. Was not easy to write about it, but I knew I had to. Maybe I am my own Hero  #metoo



Reader Comments

  1. Trudy Callan

    It’s great that you are finding what works for you. Because I have not been able to do my hula hoop lately because of my knee, I have been doing exercises in the bed before I get up in the morning, like leg raises, heel slides and stretches. It has been helping the one-hip I have been having trouble with and my knee.

  2. Trisha


    I love your blog, so please keep your enthusiasm for us fans!

    I eat super healthy, and have for years – Organic, Non-GMO, no fast food, HFCS, etc., and keep my portions small. But my Hypothyroid/Hashimotos gives me grief.

    I rarely eat potatoes, I don’t eat white rice, or bread (I have a wheat allergy anyway). Carbs that I do eat are Greek yogurt, fruits, veggies, and occasionally brown rice or brown rice pasta (all Organic of course). I do eat organic protein (fish, chicken, beef).

    Everytime I cut down on something I love, like cheese, organic ice cream, even mixed nuts… my metabolism slows down. I even quit drinking Wine! I then get my blood work done and, sure enough, my thyroid levels are off! It’s a never-ending battle that I can’t win.

    Anyway, I have such a difficult time losing weight. I’m not super overweight but I know would be happier if I could just shed those extra annoying pounds. I’m sure I eventually will… especially with cooler weather just around the corner for us here in Phoenix. But I have to say to you and our readers – if you don’t have Thyroid issues, be thankful. It’s hard enough when your metabolism slows down with age, but hypothyroidism or Hashimotos makes it even worse.


    ~ Trish

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Trish thank you so much for sharing this. So important. When I was reading your description of what you eat, I felt like I was reading from my own list. I am actually thinking of getting my thyroid checked…it’s been in the back of my mine for a couple of years now. Hopefully it is just part of aging and not that. How long have you had Hashimotos? How did you get diagnosed?

      Thank you for reading and watching along!! I do appreciate that so much.

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