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Have you ever heard of needle abrasion? It’s a great way to get a boost from your own collagen and help your skin look smoother and clearer. I am lucky enough to have a best friend that specializes in it.

I visited her on Monday and we had a great time shopping and going to lunch. Just before I had to leave, she offered to take care of my skin. How kind of her!

I had to take the train home, and it was packed! I was upset with myself for judging the lady next to me, but then I realized it just an initial reaction. Hopefully I get better at recognizing those moments and changing them to kindness first.

How do you react in a stressful situation like this one? One lady on the train had a meltdown, and then apologized. A couple of young gals shoved another woman out of the way to get to seats. And the guy checking our tickets was pretty cranky.

But for the most part, people were okay with the situation. All the seats, isles and floors were filled with people, trying to go North. The train is our only option right now, until they open Hwy 101.

I’m proud of my fellow humans for being understanding, going with the flow, and extending kindness. What a perfect word for today…kindness.


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  1. Cindy Scurry

    I’ve learned the lesson of not judging a book by it’s cover similarly. Many years ago, I was assigned the middle seat on a flight from ATL to Boston. The women by the window was really big and dressed in a white suit. I thought it was maybe a man in a ladies suit. Like a football player big. She ended up falling asleep at take off and dropped her 32 oz cherry coke on my lap. I was not happy, but what do you do? The flight attendants were not up and I can’t get up. Oh well…drip/dry…drip/dry. We ended up talking, she was a hospice nurse and the sweetest thing ever! She was going to meet a guy she met online. 😉 I enjoyed blog!

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