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Thought I’d try something a little different. I recorded this yesterday because I knew it would take me awhile to figure out how to post it and share it with you!

I started the Fast Metabolism Diet on Monday.

I can’t tell you it’s great or it works yet. But if you want to follow along, I’ll be posting a video once a week to let you know how it’s going.

I joined a gym and I’m working out too. Yeah, it’s time. I don’t normally like going to a gym. I’ve always stayed fit by riding my bike, or playing tennis…you know, doing something fun! But 58 is kicking my butt, so I’m fighting back. I started a NIA class and I have to say, I LOVE it. 

Asking Google what NIA classes are: “Nia cardio-dance workouts combine 52 simple moves with dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts to get you fit in 60 minutes – body, mind, emotion, and spirit. Nia is non-impact, practiced barefoot, and adaptable to individual needs and abilities. Nia classes are taught by licensed Nia teachers.”

So join me if you want, or cheer me on if you can. I figured it’s more fun if we do this together.  😉

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    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Thank you! I hope it works. So far, I’m liking it. I just needed to do something different. I’ve been doing the low carb diet for years now, and it’s not working. Time to mix it up. This diet is about that, mixing it up. Healthy carbs, fruits and veggies, and lean protein Mon/Tues. Lean protein/veggies Weds/Thurs. All of the above plus healthy fats for Fri/Sat/Sun.

      I haven’t heard of sh’bam, but I love the name! I do like that NIA is low impact….Zumba was too much jumping and twisting for my knees.

  1. Mary D.

    I’m cheering for you, Loretta!! I’m so anxious to see how well your new diet works. I have a health coach and am do the boring calorie and fat counting (even though I said I never would do the counting again!) I have lost 45 pounds since April, but I have so much more to go and plateaus seem to be hampering any big successes lately. If I reach a total standstill, I may look into your plan! Your class sounds fun, but I have no rhythm and unless I can find a video on you tube, I won’t be joining you in trying NIA!

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Thank you Mary! I can feel you cheering me on!!

      I will keep doing the videos and letting you know how it’s going. I hate counting calories, so I’m glad I’m not doing it with this one.

      And as far as Nia goes, you don’t need rhythm…you just need to move. Today’s class even had a woman who was unable to stand…she did the class on a mat! Very cool.

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Thank you Trudy. It is time. I think I’ve been lucky to have skated by most of my life. Now at 58, I can no longer do that. Time to get serious!

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