Let’s do this together – on the road

On the road again!

My husband, John ran the LA Marathon on Sunday and we decided to stay in the area together for his work week. I’ve tagged along to Big Bear and we are now in Long Beach, staying onboard The Queen Mary.

Have you ever stayed on the Queen Mary?
View from our window on The Queen Mary

Sticking to my exercise routine, not to mention my diet, while on the road can be challenging. I was able to get a great walk in around the lake at Big Bear, and this morning made time to hit the little gym here on the ship.

I don’t mind doing a video with no makeup on, but I definitely need coffee! Excuse all the “ums”!

Healthy eating can be a bit of a challenge from the road, as well. Even though I am ordering healthy options, the portions are way too much. So I feel like I need more exercise than I’m getting.

What do you do? What’s your best advice for keeping up with exercise and healthy eating while on the road?

They used to have hot and cold running salt water on the ship.
This old ship used to offer hot and cold running salt water
long hallways lined with beautiful panelling


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