Just a moment

Have you ever said, “Just a minute” to someone who was trying to get your attention? I used to say it all the time, especially to my kids.

One day when my youngest son was about five years old, he responded to my ‘just a minute’ with, “Why do adults make minutes seem like hours?” I stood there looking at him with my mouth opened to say something back, but no words came out.

Good question.

This little boy was standing patiently in front of me, waiting for my attention. It wasn’t because he was spoiled or demanding, he just wanted to share something with his Mom. But I was busy talking on the phone, or doing the laundry or whatever else was filling my day.

Dressing up like the pilgrims

I would love to say that was a light bulb moment for me and I never let that happen again, but that’s not true at all.

Life is made up of moments. Some, we pay attention to and some that we do not. I confess that I still get distracted and miss out on moments that I can’t get back, but I’m working on not having too many of those.

As I am writing this post, it is the last day of summer. Earlier my oldest son and I walked downtown to have lunch together. The sun was out, but there was a distinct fall breeze in the air.

I had a lot of other things I could have been doing. The table has about four bins of photos that I’ve been digging through for my blog. There are dirty dishes in the sink and by the smell in the kitchen, I’m pretty sure the garbage needs to go out. So the pull of perceived have-to’s almost won the moment.

Instead I walked out the door and saw the leaves rustling around in the wind and felt the warm sun on my skin and knew I had made the right choice. We had a nice walk, good conversation and enjoyed lunch together.

Enjoying the great outdoors

I can’t get back any moments that have passed, but I can enjoy the ones I have ahead of me. And maybe I can make those minutes seem like hours.

Reader Comments

  1. carrieandkat

    Great post..I remember trying to make the most of the boys and me spending time together but i also was guilty of always wanting to get the dishes done, house cleaned and my husband at the time was never around so i felt lots of pressure. Now I hope they remember spending time with them not being busy

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Thank you! I bet your boys do remember you spending time with them. It is a balancing act for sure! And, I believe part of raising our kids is to be busy doing other things….makes them well rounded adults!

  2. Fantabulous40s

    You’re so right. I’m so guilty of this. I do it all the time. What’s worst is, I have my phone in my hand all the time. Whether it’s for blogging, social media , or even work. I hear myself saying it and catch myself doing it. I feel the guilt and then I do it again. I have to change that.

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      I totally understand. At least when my kids were young, we didn’t have cell phones and social media. You and I are now trying to build businesses through social media and it takes an enormous amount of time! I make myself leave my phone in my purse, or another room and stay engaged with my husband, or grown kids, or grandkids now. It takes effort.

      • Fantabulous40s

        Yes it does. I always have my phone in my hand. I work full time so I have to take every little bit of free time to do follow-ups etc. But I can see how I’m making it a habit and I have to stop and stay engaged. I have to find a balance so that nothing suffers, especially not the kids. Thank you so much for reading.

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