Jump in, The Water’s Fine – Repost

A while back,  I shared a blog post called A Look Inside. I wrote about feeling off that day, and shared that I spent the day trying to understand why. I got a lot of very nice feedback on it, and several people shared some of their off moments with me too.

I like that so many people have commented and shown support. And I’m using several different platforms to share my blog, in hopes to reach people who can either relate, or just find my stories interesting.

I am also learning as I go, which is sort of the point of the blog. You know, reach 60 and be wise, healthy, happy and content. One thing I’m learning is that there is a bias towards sharing one emotion: Happiness.

Happy is a great emotion, and I’m sure for most of us it’s the favorite emotion.

And I get that when you express your joy and happiness, it’s contagious. So I was tempted to put on my happy face and only share that side. Like, I better just show happy or people won’t like me.

But that’s not being honest, and I promised myself I would be genuine here. The truth is, I like all of my emotions. I don’t mind feeling hurt or angry or sad.

When my mother died, I pushed my sadness down so far it’s now bubbling just under the surface. I didn’t understand as a kid that having strong emotions was a part of my life. As a woman I know better.

I’ve heard the analogy of the ocean used to describe a woman’s emotions, and I have to agree. My emotions change as quickly as the ocean changes.

I find myself riding a wave of happiness that plasters a ridiculous smile on my face, and I am in pure joy. It is thrilling and wonderful and I love it. I can also find myself in the strongest scariest current of uncertainty and wondering how I’m going to survive.


And then there are the times I’m just floating along contently, with nothing much happening besides enjoying the moment.

I like all of these moments, and wouldn’t give them up for the world. Maybe what I’m saying is I’m okay with jumping in and feeling it all. I don’t want to just float, I want to ride the wave of joy but I also have to work through the current to get there.

And then I get to do it over and over and over again.

Reader Comments

  1. Cindy Scurry

    Interesting. I hadn’t read your previous post (until just now). I think we can all relate to how you were feeling that day as we all feel that way from time to time. I think your writing/blog shares so many emotions and that is why you are so popular. I never knew there was a bias to happiness. I usually am happy and I appreciate it so much because I’ve been unhappy and really, really sad in the past. Thank you for sharing your perspective. I mostly like people that are real and that is sharing every emotion and as your friend we will ride the wave together.

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Thank you for reading Cindy!

      I do see you as a happy person, but also know you’ve known great sorrow.

      What I meant by “bias towards happiness”, was so many are afraid to show other emotions because they are afraid of them. I think we should embrace our emotions.

      And…yes, we will be riding that wave!! See you soon!

  2. Kim Cook

    Boy am I feeling off right now. I let those feelings live for a bit and then let them go. Lately “off” has been my new norm. I am exploring why that is. I am not much for just floating along so I will do some inner work through journaling to figure it out.

    I am genuinely happy and I prefer to ride that wave!

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