I forgot my pillow

Sometimes when we travel, I like to bring my own pillow.

Silly, I know, but for whatever reason, it makes me feel comfortable. My pillows are all goose-down and super cozy, and I’m used to them.

Last week I jumped in the truck with my son, and we made our way to Oregon. I honestly wasn’t sure where I would be sleeping any given night, so I brought my favorite pillow along.

I’m glad I did too, because I used it when I came down with a head cold. That pillow was a soothing relief each night.

Despite my cold, we ended up getting things done, and my son somewhat settled into his new place. John and I planned on taking the long way home on Saturday and checking out the Southern Oregon Coast.

Working outside in beautiful Oregon

But when we got a distress signal from another son early Saturday morning, we threw our stuff in the car and drove 720 miles to help. Only, I forgot my pillow.

John was sweet and said, “I’ll buy you a new one, honey”, but for some reason I was unusually bummed about leaving it behind.

We spent the rest of the weekend helping and finding a solution to an overwhelming problem. But when it was finally time to rest Saturday night, all I could think about was that damn pillow.

It’s just a pillow! It means nothing really. I have no attachment to it, so why do I even care about it?

But sitting here writing this, I’m almost in tears over leaving it behind.

I didn’t cry when I said goodbye – too quickly – to my son. Nor did I cry when we were surprised by, and helped another son through a very emotional situation. I just did the work that had to be done.

And later, cried over the loss of an easily replaceable pillow…

Reader Comments

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Thank you! We are back home, and my son will be settling in by himself now.

      I’m glad you’re one of us “have to have my pillow” people!

  1. Kerry LifeandLoves

    I dont take my pillow, but I do take two pillow cases where ever I go on holiday. Its just a weird thing of mine. Oh and I cried once because I left my hairbrush at home……I blamed it on my hormones haha! We all have our thing eh! xx

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      Actually that’s a great idea to bring your own pillow cases. Makes sense.

      Funny how we concentrate on the little things that in the big picture, really don’t matter at all.

      Thanks Kerry!

  2. Wendy Allott

    My mum always takes her pillow with her – even overseas – and my brothers and sister and I always had a chuckle about it. But now I do it too!

    I’m not surprised you’re upset about your pillow. You can’t take your son with you and you love and miss him. You can’t protect your other son (or John’s son, whoever it may be) from the difficulties he’s having and you love and worry for him. The smallest thing you could have is your own pillow – and it’s not with you.

    And now I’m getting a bit teary actually.

  3. Helen Greenwell

    I get it Loretta! I usually take my pillow when we travel. My husband jokes that it’s more a pillowcase than a pillow (it’s down like yours) and since I sleep on my back anything else bends my neck too much. if I forget my pillow I usually sleep without one. Maybe my husband it right!
    I hope your pillow finds its way home to you. With everything else going on, it’s a little like a grown up teddy bear, and sometimes we need a teddy bear!

  4. Grammy Dee | Grammy's Grid

    I have to take a couple of my fav pillows when I travel. I carry them in a large garbage bag that is clear. I put the bag thru the handle of my luggage and leave it there until ready to return home. It reminds me to pack my pillows. I came up with that idea after I left my pillows one time and fretted about it once I realized I’d forgotten them.

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      That is an excellent idea!! It’s so easy to leave pillows behind, because it looks natural to see them on the bed. When we do a walk through to see if we’ve remembered everything, pillows on a bed don’t stand out.

      Love it. Thank you….

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