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2007 was just an all around crappy year for me. Being a realtor who owned two homes during the housing crisis was a double whammy and just about sent me off the deep end.

Not only was I losing my homes, but my income had plummeted. And if you don’t know how it works for a realtor, let me explain.

We pay for everything.

I had to pay a desk fee to ReMax of $24k per year. I paid for all of the advertising, signs, forms, fees, cards, fuel, insurance and every thing else associated with either selling a home or helping a buyer find a home.

I wasn’t making enough commission to come close to covering all of those costs. So, I did side jobs to help. I cleaned houses until I was exhausted. And my best friend hired me to help her at her spa.

As a realtor in 2007, I had to supplement my income
Estelle’s Place, 2007

You may recall I used to be a spa manager back in the day. Only this time I wasn’t managing, just filling in here and there to help fill in all of the holes in my income. So when Estelle called on me to help her run a booth at a local Women’s Expo in early November, I said yes, of course.

And that’s where I met him.

We were minding our own business taking care of all of the women who were in and out of our booth, when this guy kept walking by. Several times.

All of the women noticed him because he was extremely handsome. I just ignored him. I wasn’t in the mood to meet another guy, that was for sure. After several hours of this, he finally walked right into our booth and flashed his charming smile and asked what the machine I was demonstrating was used for.

If I could be one of those people who could lift just one brow quizzically, I would have right then. My first thought was, what is this guy doing at a women’s expo? So being the non-trusting type I asked him just that.

Turns out the magazine he worked for had a booth there as well, and he was representing them. I knew the publication and agreed that I would stop by and visit their booth before the day was over.

As he left our booth, just about every woman stopped what she was doing and stared at him, mouth agape, following his every move. It made me chuckle. Okay, so he was very good-looking, tall, charming and engaging, but so what?

A few hours later he was back.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of our work area and walked me to his booth. Picture all of those ladies again.

He gave me copies of their publications and his card, noting that the number was his personal cell phone. I thanked him and walked back to help Estelle load up and leave.

After telling her about my encounter, she said, “He wants you to call him!” When I asked, “What for?” she almost threw something at me. She kept insisting that he was trying to get me to call him so he would have my number.

So I called. And all I said was, “There, now you have my number” and hung up.

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