Hey what ever happened to…

Have you noticed she stopped writing her story? I wonder what’s going on. I mean, she was all gung-ho sharing all the details of her life before. Over-sharing might even be a better way to put it.

So what’s going on now?

Sometimes life leaves you hanging

Honestly, I don’t even know what gives her the right to share this stuff anyway. First of all, who really cares? And secondly, why in the world would she want to put herself out there for the entire world to see?

Kind of silly, if you ask me.

Still, it was a bit entertaining reading all those posts. I wonder if they are even true, though. How could they be? Nobody has that many crazy things happen in one lifetime.

I bet she made some of it up.

You can't make this shit up!

Though, there did seem to be a ring of truth in her stories. She did share some pretty dark stuff, so I can’t imagine she made that part up, right?

Out of darkness comes light

Where did she leave off, do you remember?

I’m pretty sure there was mention of meeting someone. His first initial was J. Wonder what happened? Is she going to get back to the story and let us know? Maybe she’s afraid of something?

Could that be it? She’s afraid to continue the story?

Well, I know what that must mean. There has to be some reason she hasn’t written about it yet, so I’ll put money on it that it’s something crazy again. Hopefully she works up the courage to continue.

the long road ahead

Not that I’m all that interested or anything. It’s just a story and like I said, who really cares?


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