Happy Veteran’s Day

John read an article yesterday about Veterans and how most don’t feel comfortable when we say, “Thank you for your service.” I wondered why that is but then reflected on the people in my life who served in the military.

The people I know who were or are now serving in our military are humble. They didn’t sign up so they could have bragging rights or even kudos from us. For some, it wasn’t even a choice and for others, it was a natural progression for their lives.  

I wrote this post two years ago and thought it was time to revisit it. Happy Veteran’s Day.

Growing up in the ’70’s I was very aware of war and the effect it had on our family. I was, and still am, extremely proud of my brothers for their service to our country. For us, we didn’t think about the politics of war, we just knew our brothers were in harm’s way.

Thank you to my brothers who served in Vietnam:

My brother served in the Navy during Vietnam war
Dennis Fast, Navy
war veteran
Anthony Sayers, Army
Vietnam Veteran
Joseph Sayers, Army
My brother fought in the Vietnam War
Floyd Sayers, Army
Vietnam Veteran
Steven Sayers, USMC

Thankfully, all of my brothers came home from that war, but I know so many people lost family members. My deepest gratitude goes out to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

My husband, John served in the US Air Force in the ’80’s.

I know it helped shape him into the amazing man he is today. He left home a shy kid who found himself in front of large crowds narrating ceremonies. He went from a guy who couldn’t speak in front of 3 people to one who spoke in front of 3,000.

He also made lifelong friends.

John worked the 1984 Inaugural ball
1984 John Gavin, 3rd on the left
My husband is a Veteran
John Gavin, USAF

My husband had an amazing role model, and I wish I had met his father. He emigrated from Ireland and served in the US Army.

John's father was an Army Veteran
Jerry Gavin, Army
Army Veteran
Jerry Gavin, Army MP

The next generation of young men and women stepped up to serve our country, and I could not be prouder.

Coast Guard Veteran
Levi Stubblefield, Coast Guard

And, last but not least…. I am so proud of you, my son. I know it is not easy leaving your family behind, moving so much, and working crazy hours but I will presume to speak for all of us in saying we are proud and honored by your service to our country.

US Veteran
Noah Gray, Navy, homecoming after a 10-month deployment
Lt. Noah Gray, F-18 Pilot
U2 Pilots
From F-18 to Test Pilot
Someone likes his job

To all who serve in the military, we salute you. Happy Veteran’s Day


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  1. Amy

    Oh wow! Thank you for this amazing post! Thank you to you and your courageous family for their service! For each who served, and their families who waited for them back home!

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