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It’s Friday, September 1st…the beginning of Labor Day weekend, and the beginning of the end of summer.

We’ve had a lovely summer and I am looking forward to fall. Autumn is my favorite time of year. I think it comes from growing up in Michigan. You can feel the change in the air, and there is something magical about that for me.

This was the time of year the grapes that grew just up the hill from our garden were ripe. I would run up there each morning and pick a fat bunch so Mom could put them in my lunchbox.

I remember riding the bus to school in the fall, looking out the window and counting the buckets that were hanging from the maple trees. The mornings were crisp and cool and the afternoons were so warm we would be dragging our coats home with us.

Taking the bus home from school, my brothers and I would get off at the farm that was over the hill and through the woods behind our place. It was so fun running through those cool dark woods towards home. Sometimes we would stop to look for the last morel mushrooms that would be growing under the damp leaves.

I think the other reason I loved autumn so much was because it was also the end of summer work. There were no more cherries to pick, the garden had been harvested, and we could spend the early evenings outside playing hide and go seek.

It was the best time of year. And it still is for me.


Go enjoy your long weekend…because after autumn, winter is coming.

Reader Comments

  1. leannelc

    I love Autumn too but in Australia we’re at the first day of Spring – really glad to be putting Winter behind us and looking forward to some warmer days again (and no more flu season!)

  2. Leeann

    That sounds like some very lovely memories of your childhood :-). Autumn is my favorite, the smells, the holidays, the trees dancing and sharing their leaves with us to spin around in as they fall. The colors and everything about it is wonderful. I’ve always been fascinated by the woods, loved going as much as possible when I still lived in Washington. I still long to see a bucket hanging from a tree collecting real syrup! (My inner pilgrim/amish/homesteader) ♡

    • Loretta Sayers
      Loretta Sayers

      I remember when the buckets got replaced with blue plastic bags! I hated it. Made the trees all look funny. We used to come across the maple shacks in the woods too. Good memories.

      Washington State is so beautiful! What part of the country do you live in now?

      • Leeann

        Eh, yeah the blue bags would not be good to see. I’m for advancement and being environmentally friendly, but I believe in tradition and don’t know how the bag would be better. I am in NY now, in The Hamptons, my daughter’s and I have been here 10 years now.

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