Getting my sh*t together by 60

I was honored to be interviewed by Miri of Mikah Fashion for her We Are Kintsugi blog series.

We will share stories of ordinary women who went through obstacles and hardships, but today are joyful and living a fulfilling life. They view their past circumstances as the building blocks for the remarkable self that they are now. We aim to inspire and motivate! Let’s build a community where we support and empower each other and give hope during hard times. We believe we are better together. If you have an inspiring story to share, please contact us.

Miri shared my story in her words:

My name is Loretta Sayers. I am Kintsugi. 

Half-truths. Made up stuff. Stories. I was afraid to be honest with people. Mainly, I was afraid to be honest with myself. So, I unloaded it all on my blog. I retold how I was sexually abused by my grandfather. First, I had told my husband when I was in my 50s. Then, I had told my sons. Finally, I told the entire world.

When I was young, I remember that a cousin claimed her father abused her. My mother had responded, “How could she do that to him?” Those words stayed with me, and I knew that I should never say anything. As I wrote the blog, I was ready. When I shared this part of my life on my blog, so many family members came out saying that the same abuse had happened to them.

I invite you to read the entire blog post here and I hope you enjoy it.

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